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RIP Boss.


【Shutokei organigram】

                               Battalion Headquarters
                                          |                    |                 |                    |                         |
           +----------------+-------------+            Transport Company  Transmission Company                           Artillery Company   
           |                |             |                (輸送中隊)          (通信中隊)       (特生中隊)                 (特科中隊)
        1st Company     2nd Company    3rd Company
         (第1中隊)        (第2中隊)        (第3中隊)                                      

Transport Company (輸送中隊)

Transmission Company                   (通信中隊)

Medical Company (衛生中隊)

Artillery Company (特科中隊)

Administration Company (管理中隊)

  • TMPD Guards Division: 警備部
  • JGSDF Special Forces Molosser (モロッサー 陸自の特殊部隊)
  • PD pictures used in kerberos panzer cops tokyo war: staufenberg mit hitler ja:警察予備隊.

bloody mayday: ja:血のメーデー事件

  • National Diet Library "ASHIDA Hitoshi expressed his concerns that under the current Constitution, the fact that such an important decision had not been made by legislative process would isolate the National Police Reserve and National Diet from each other in the future, rendering any affinity impossible with the people"
  • [ douglas mc arthur's npr
  • [Samurai.jpg >> protect gear
  • straydog video cover: Heckler & Koch MP5

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