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I'm a strong supporter of Being BOLD!

Visit my personal homepage Nick's Place.

I'm a proud graduate of The Miami Valley School. I graduated from Northern Kentucky University. I also transfered in classwork from Purchase College, Wright State University, Sinclair Community College, and Seattle Central Community College as part of my degree requirements, along with one CLEP test, and one AP Exam.

I live in Seattle, Washington.

I play Handbells at University Unitarian Church directed by Karen P. Thomas.

I think Larry Walters is awesome. Why shouldn't we get a lawn chair, tie balloons to it, and fly?

I used to work for Speakeasy, Chiquita Fresh North America, PlayNetwork, Communication Service for the Deaf, and McDonald's.

One of my favorite games to play is Carcassonne, go pick it up right now!

Wikipedia is now a family affair! My younger cousin is active as an editor, and vandal-fighter!

I like making smaller edits. (Typo fixing and whatnot as I read along.) You'll also see me making large reorganizations to articles. I find this very satisfying and I think it does a lot to improve the articles, but those are definitely more work.

Remember the world will not end tomorrow