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Me in 2015.

Welcome to my userpage. My name is JP Asher (in full, John Patrick Asher) and I use the Wikipedia handle Cliftonian. My primary focus is Military history ("Milhist"), but I have worked on other subjects as well since starting out in 2008. I was a co-ordinator of the Military history WikiProject in 2013–14. You can use the menu at the top right (beneath your search bar) to navigate easily between pages in my userspace, including my talk page and sandboxes. Please feel free to contact me if there's any way I can lend a hand with something.

A little about me: I come from the market town of Hitchin, in north Hertfordshire in south-eastern England, and I make my living writing for the Comet, a weekly newspaper based in neighbouring Stevenage. I was born in Hammersmith in west London, of primarily British ancestry with sprinklings of Russian, Hungarian, Irish, Jewish and French Huguenot for good measure. I have traced my forebears in England back to 1718. I moved around a lot during my formative years. Apart from England I spent substantial time in Switzerland (when I was very young), the US, and Zimbabwe in southern Africa. I spent most of my adolescence in Hertfordshire and neighbouring Bedfordshire, partly in the village of Clifton, whence comes my username.

I am an Old Westminster (specifically an Old Liddellite, 2004–07—not an Old Cliftonian), an acolyte, sidesman and member of the preservation trust at St Mary's, Hitchin, and in sporting terms a follower of the Hatters, Luton Town Football Club, where I used to be a season-ticket holder. I am a veteran of two years as a foreign volunteer in the Israeli Army (2012–14, rank of sergeant), where I learned some Hebrew and a little bit of Arabic, and I also spent about a year working for a hotel in Tel Aviv after being honourably discharged. Nowadays I speak English well, Hebrew passably and a diverse assortment of others badly. I play up front for Comet FC in six-a-sides on Monday nights. I use a rotary dial telephone in my house and think it's great (more kid-proof). Finally, but certainly not least, I am married to the beautiful Dalia, and the proud father of two wonderful babies, a boy and a girl.

Here are featured articles I have contributed to the project, in no particular order.
Featured Article Mutiny on the Bounty (with Brianboulton)
Featured Article Gregor MacGregor
Featured Article Mortara case
Featured Article Paul Kruger
Featured Article Rudd Concession
Featured Article Shangani Patrol
Featured Article Southern Rhodesia in World War I
Featured Article Caesar Hull
Featured Article John Plagis
Featured Article Eduard Streltsov
Featured Article Robin Friday
Featured Article Luton Town F.C.
Featured Article Ian Smith
Featured Article Military service of Ian Smith
Featured Article Sir Hugh Beadle
Featured Article William Harper
Featured Article Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence
Featured Article Rhodesian mission in Lisbon
Featured Article D'Oliveira affair (with Sarastro1)
Featured Article Mathew Charles Lamb
Featured Article Air Rhodesia Flight 825
Featured Article Zimbabwe women's hockey team at the 1980 Olympics
Featured Article Okęcie Airport incident

Where I've been (in rough chronological order, by continent; countries resided in in bold):
Europe:  United Kingdom  Switzerland France Belgium Germany Gibraltar Spain Italy  Vatican City Sweden Russia
North America:  United States Canada Bermuda
Africa:  Zimbabwe Mozambique South Africa
Asia:  Israel Palestine (West Bank)—Jerusalem (East and West)— Syria (Golan Heights)
South America: —
Oceania: —
Antarctica: —

"The Falls of St Anthony", by Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902)"The Oregon Trail", by Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902)"Sunset over the River", by Albert Bierstadt (1830–1902)
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