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Hi, Cam here! I've been active on Wikipedia since March of 2007. Most of my contribution to Mainspace Wikipedia comes in the form of article-creation & writing; I've created 19 articles since my beginnings here, ranging from extremely small stub-articles all the way up to GA and FA-class. I was one of the Coordinators of the Military History Wikiproject from September 2008-March 2010, when I stepped down due to Real Life priorities. I reapplied for Coordinatorship in September 2010, and am currently one of the editors of The Bugle - Milhist's monthly newsletter. I was the first Administrator appointed in the year 2009. If I do anything stupid in that capacity, you may beat me with a trout.

Most of my actual content work falls under the broad category of 20th Century Military History, with an obsessive interest in Canada's involvement in the Second World War, the Imperial Japanese Navy (particularly the battleships), and the Attrition battles of 1916-1918. I occasionally delve into areas such as the Eastern Front, Maritime Warfare (non-IJN), American Foreign Policy during the Cold War, and basically anything to do with political historiography.

I tend to focus most of my wikignoming around the review departments at the ACR and FAC levels. I've also become involved with The FA-Team, a group of editors aiming to provide technical support to articles trying to achieve FA, specializing in footnote formatting and fact-checking. In the administrator world, you'll find me mostly at WP:AIV and WP:RCP tracking vandalism and abusive accounts.

In actuality, I'm 20, living in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, and in my third year of a Combined Honours Degree in International Politics and History at Carleton University. At this point, my degree takes up virtually all of my time, along with competitive debate in the Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate. I'm a vocal and dedicated Social Democrat, a topic area on which I welcome debate and discussion (so long as it remains civil). I read voraciously - always having at least three good books on the go - and keep a large research book list found here. In my spare time (which is surprisingly scarce), I'm either reading, writing, skiing/cycling and walking in the winter/summer, listening to music (primarily classical Baroque - the Bach Organ Works in particular), writing, or spending time with friends.

Places I've Lived in: Canada
Places I've Spent 7 days or more in: Italy France United States Dominican Republic Germany Spain
Places I've Visited for 1 to 6 days: Belgium San Marino Vatican City Cuba Czech Republic
Places I've Visited for up to 24 hours/passed through: United Kingdom Netherlands Gibraltar
Places I want to visit: Mexico Netherlands Turkey Austria United Kingdom Portugal Poland Russia Egypt Costa Rica Jamaica
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