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Shane Landrum, Ph.D. Candidate in American History at Brandeis University; interested in histories of women/gender/sexuality, law, politics, and culture, focusing on the US for now.

My current scholarly project on the history of birth certificates and compulsory birth registration in the United States includes lots of work on the history of the United States Children's Bureau, so I've more-or-less adopted that entry as my pet project.

I decided that Wikipedia needed more women's history, so I started WikiProject Women's History. We're always looking for more editors, particularly if you're a professional historian interested in teaching with Wikipedia and/or bringing Wikipedia up to scholarly standards. Check out our talk page if you'd like to help.

Current Projects[edit]

Articles I've worked on[edit]

(And by "worked on," I mean "contributed more than once or twice.") This is mostly a list to remind me of entries I'd like to improve when I get time.

Stubs/Starts to improve:

Articles I've created[edit]

Articles to be created[edit]