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The real world me

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Me, in extreme closeup

Created from "100 Percent Certified Mammalian DNA" in the Stony Brook, NY labs of Bring On The Clones, L.L.P., ClockworkSoul achieved consciousness in the summer of 2004.

Only mildly dangerous to adults and large animals, this fully synthetic administrator's press materials describe him as "the spectacular progeny of the unholy marriage of modern science and of one man's complete disregard for the sanctity of life!"

His hobbies include spontaneous human combustion, collecting dirt, and cold logic. His turnoffs include time, the persistent physicality of things, barium, and three out of four dentists.

He is currently attempting to pass himself off as fully human by attending Stony Brook University, where he is working toward a PhD in pathology and immunology. His research topic focuses on viral host-pathogen interaction, specifically with human papillomavirus, but also innate immunity against intracellular pathogens in general. |-

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The Wikipedia me

|- | I am a staunch advocate for boldness in recognizing the hard work of others and of WikiLove in general. I'm one of the longest-serving editors on Wikipedia, my first edit (as ClockworkTroll) having been made on 20 June 2004.

Finally, when I'm here, I'm fiercely apolitical. I believe that truth and honesty – whether we like it or not – are far more useful than ideology.

If you wish to contact me, feel free to make a note on my talk page. |-

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Significant contributions

|- | My general tendency is to edit a relatively small number of articles, making large and often exhaustively researched edits. My first major project started when I noticed that the article for sarin was short and ugly, which got me deeply entrenched in rewriting nearly all articles relating in any way with chemical warfare, and which resulted in my first featured article. Since then, I have significantly contributed to a number of articles that have gone on to become featured articles.

One of my proudest moments, however, was in drafting the prototypes for the first template standardisation process. My Coffee Roll color scheme was based on my earlier design for WikiProject Beer, and can now be seen in action on talk pages and policy pages just about everywhere. |- |-

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My contributions

|- | Below are articles that I contributed more than a modest amount of editing to.