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Hello, world. This is the user page for CloneDeath, AKA Nicholas Rodine.


Aug 03, Sorry, I was going to put some code in here earlier, but as I was pasting it, I noticed a potential error. Turns out, it was a big error, the entire program would explode. Anyhow, I posted the code under "Open source". It is a WIP roguelike game. That is just the basic engine.

About Me[edit]


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I can't remember this tag, so I am posting it here for easy access ^_^. I have grown akin to anti-vandalism.

I can translate[edit]

My first language is English, my second is spanish. Here is a list of languages I can translate (text-wise, not spoken wise. ie: I can translate wikipedia pages).

They are grouped by types of language, or how the languages are simular. They are NOT ordered by how well I can do them, I can do them all equally well. Also note, I CANNOT translate from english to one of them. I COULD, but there would be some serious engrish. I could possibly translate to spanish with little to no engrish, but don't rely on me too much to do it. Send me a message on the discussion if you have any pages that need to be translated to english.

-Chinese (simple and traditional)<br\> -Japanese<br\> -Korean<br\> -Portuguese<br\> <br\> -French<br\> -Italian<br\> -Spanish (My favorite language to translate)<br\> <br\> -Dutch<br\> -German<br\> <br\> -Russian<br\> <br\> -Greek<br\>

Open Source[edit]

Writen in C:[edit]

Roguelike-like (tentative title) Engine[edit]

Source Code, Writen in C.
Status: STABLE

 Rougelike-like (tentative title) Engine Source