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Hi, I'm Clovermoss. Welcome to my user page. I created my account on September 16, 2018 and while I'm not exactly a new editor anymore, I'm still learning a lot about Wikipedia. My first edit was to God Help the Outcasts, which can be found here. At the moment, most of my edits involve fixing typos and adding short descriptions.

If you would like to sign my guestbook, you can do so here.

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Some edits I'm proud of[edit]

Articles I've started[edit]

I have spent a lot of time working on this article and SkyGazer 512 has been incredibly helpful with suggestions and edits along the way. The article has passed AFC, was an approved and promoted nomination for WP:DYK, and was displayed on the main page on June 24, 2019.

A theatre company from Quebec with an interesting history that dissolved in 1951. Most of my work in creating the article was translating the work of others from fr.Wikipedia, so it would be wrong for me to take the credit for it. I did do some additional research in seperate edits, distinguishing those edits from my translation efforts.

Article started after starting the en.wikipedia article on Compagnons de Saint-Laurent. She started her career with that company, later pursued roles as an actress, and had a city square in Montréal named after her. fr.wikipedia also has an article about her, and I translated content after the article's initial creation. The article is a currently a stub I hope to improve in the future.

This article is also a stub that I hope to improve in the future, as this article is my shortest one, and only a few sentences long. It's harder to write articles about living people. That said, Victoria Pickett is clearly notable - take a look at the article to see why.

This is a gender-neutral doll line produced by Mattel. I wasn't one of those girls that played much with Barbie, but I think it's important to improve and start articles like this, as toys primarily marketed to boys appear to have much more extentsive coverage on Wikipedia compared to toys marketed to girls or children with non-binary gender identities.

I may have started the article, but so far HickoryOughtShirt?4 has done most of the work in improving it, and I'd like to credit her for that.


This list is a list of other edits I'm proud of. It's organized from most recent to oldest:


Useful Links[edit]

These are some links I find useful. Feel free to look around, but they are mainly for my own reference.


  • The best April Fools joke - [1]
  • The Rules for April Fools are here
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