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Who Am I?[edit]

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user is proud to be British.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user is a Wikipedian in the United Kingdom.
The motto of the WITUK is Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense, which translates to, "Let him be shamed who thinks ill of it".

This motto reflects a key Wikipedian desire, and is a reference to the British 'Order of the Garter'.

There are things particularly relevant to British Wikipedians at the UK Wikipedians' notice board.

Please feel free to help us improve British related articles in Wikipedia!

Flag of England.svg This user lives in England. Royal Arms of England.svg
England This user is a member of
WikiProject England
Flag of the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland.svg This user is proud to have Irish heritage but thinks it'd be much better to unite Ireland under HM Queen Elizabeth II.
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user believes that no quantity of spelling errors can make American English a language or dialect.
No-EU.png This user believes the European Union should revert back to its original function - a free trade area - without French protectionism and a castrated CAP.
40px This user is pro-choice.
Edward's crown PD cleaned.png This user is a monarchist, and a British imperialist. Rule, Britannia!
Flag of Israel.svg This user believes Israel should return to its original borders. The Crusades were a good idea but we lost tehm long ago - lets make the best of a bad situation
This user drinks Coca Cola, and thinks that those who drink Diet Coke are fools - sugar is far better for you than artifical shit.
Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svg This user supports the independence of a democratic, capitalist, prosperous, and free Taiwan.
NonFreeImageRemoved.svg This user has read War and Peace This user is reading theBible
40px This user believes that all prisoners should be banned from voting.
Royal Arms of England (1340-1367).svg This user knows his history, and counts the real Kings of France
Flag of the Falkland Islands.svg This user would not hesitate to use any means necessary to defend the Falkland Islands.
Capitalismlogo.JPG This user is a capitalist and exploits the proletariat as much as the law will allow.
Grammar Nazi.svg This user is a spelling and grammar Nazi.
One-ton weight.svg This user uses Imperial units whenever possible.
FoodMeat.jpg This user is a carnivore. You lack a devloped appendix and have canine teeth for a reason!
A typical london street.jpg This user believes that London is the capital of the civilised world.
NonFreeImageRemoved.svg This user knows better than to take sides in petty Oxbridge rivalry. However he knows that University College London suck. King's rules - bring back the RAG riots.

I am a citizen of the United Kingdom. I was born in West Germany, and live in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. I'm a Caucasian male, and heterosexual.

Whom do I admire?[edit]