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Flag of the Soviet Union.svg

As the flag suggests, I am from the USSR. I like to go in for sports as an amateur. There was a variety in topics, to which I contributed. As of 2011 I am 33. I was nice in the childhood, now not at all.

All my contributions to Wikipedia are dedicated to:

  • my first love - a girl named Alia (Russian: Аля)
  • my life in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics during its existence

The username is Russian word Старт written in Latin alphabet (Latin "m" looks like handwritten form of Russian "т", other letters look like corresponding Russian letters), it transliterates into English as Start.

Tursiops truncatus 01.jpg

I like water and dolphins very much, and I believe, that people will return into the water some time and live in the ocean, like dolphins returned there from the land millions of years ago. I'd like to become more active here in the English language Wikipedia, although I have almost no time for now. I've recently began to use edit automation for some repetitive text replacements and alike. My main hobby for now is to read popular science books and magazines, both old and new ones, mostly in Russian.

Adding missing letters and removing trailing spaces in articles for seven years should be boring perhaps, but for me it is not, because this is one of a few things that I'm able to do.

My account in Baidu