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My names Mike

My intrests in editing are mainly in amusement park and roller coaster articals as well. As i have recently been geting into the nascar articals at the moment just feeling them out so be patient with me and if i do somthing that isnt the way its done let me know.

I also try to upload all my images that are worthy putting onto wikipedia mainly to improve articals.

I can tend to be a little rouge but i also know that anything that i edit can be reverted. My reasoning for my ways is noone talks in "Talk" pages so i just edit and see what people think.

My webpage is [1]

My contributions include:
Dominator (roller coaster)
Maverick (roller coaster)
Griffon (roller coaster)
Raptor (roller coaster)
Millennium Force
Top Thrill Dragster
Mantis (roller coaster)
Magnum XL-200
Blue Streak (Cedar Point)
Cedar Creek Mine Ride
Kings Dominion
Cedar Point

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