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WikiJeopardy! logo
Created by Jonny Watts
Starring Jonny Watts
Country of origin  United States
No. of episodes 1
Running time 45 minutes
Original channel IRC, Wikipedia
Picture format IRC
Original run November 17,2007 – May 7, 2009
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WikiJeopardy was an IRC game show where people like you could share your knowledge! It ran from November 17, 2007 to May 7, 2009, with it's pilot airing December 18, 2008.

Archived Table[edit]

WJep cropped.png
Math History Geometry
100 100 100
150 150 150
200 200 200

Current Score:

Previous System[edit]

WikiJeopardy was available for live viewing via here. During it's two-year run, it had only had one episode, which has never been documented. The pilot aired as a live broadcast on December 18, 2008. Reservations were available at the reservations page.


The first 15 minutes was for everyone to join in. First all players buzz in to find out who selects the question. Players can buzz in by entering buzz_in or just buzz. Then the host gives a 5 second warning and then asks the question, then a random 5 to 10 seconds to say "buzz in now" is given and first to buzz will have 45 seconds to answer. And so on for the next 15 minutes until double Jeopardy. Then Final Jeopardy has a choice, a b or c as a random wager. Final shouldn't take longer than 90 seconds. Rounds were originally to be logged, but the pilot was never recorded. Example:

<Jonny> Welcome to WikiJeopardy!
<Jonny> Bob, let's wait, Steve and John should be here any minute.
<NickServ> Steve has joined in
<NickServ>John has joined in
<Jonny> Welcome! The time is now 7:08, at 7:15 we will begin
<Steve> I'm scared.
<John> I'm smart, so I should nail this.
<Bob> Oh, no you're not.
<Jonny> Wow! A challenge it seems!
<Steve> You'll win for sure.
<Jonny> Don't worry, everyone gets points.
<NickServ> Andrew has Joined in
<Jonny> Hello, Andrew, it's now 7:13 and we'll begin in 2 minutes.
<Andrew> You mean Pacific Time? it's 10:14 in NYC. 
<Bob> I live where it's 7:14.
<Jonny> It's 7:15! Time to begin!
<Andrew> Cool!
<Steve> *shaking*
<Jonny> Okay buzz in when I say so.
<NickServ> Bob_Green has joined in.
<Bob_Green> Am I late?
<Jonny> No the game is starting. And you're not playing, nor Andrew, right?
<Andrew> Yeah, It's Bob, Steve, and John.
<Jonny> It's 7:16, I'll buzz in soon.
<John> Soon?
<Jonny>I'll surprise you.
<Steve> It's 7:18, is it yet?
<Jonny> Yup, BUZZ IN NOW!
<John> buzz
<Steve> buzz
<Bob> Dang!
<Steve> That was close.
<Jonny> Yeah, it was, but:
<Jonny> John buzzed in first.
<John> Yeah!
<NickServ> Qdfe has joined in
<Qdfe> I'm late.
<Jonny> John is about to select on the board.
<John> Math for 100.
<Jonny> Oh really? 5 seconds...
<Jonny>Math for 100: "In the event that x-y=y, and x is y squared, then what is x and y?"
<Jonny> Buzz in now.
<Steve> buzz
<Bob> buzz
<John> buzz
<Jonny>Steve buzzed first
<Steve> DANG!
<Jonny> No, 'DANG!' is incorrect. (just joking) 45 seconds.
<Steve> Umm.. 3?
<Jonny> Haha.. no. -100
<Bob_Green>I have to go.
<NickServ> Bob_Green has left
<Jonny> It's 7:20, the 5 minute update is: Steve:-100, Bob: 0, and John: 0
<Jonny>Buzz in Now
<Bob> buzz
<Jonny> Bob, 45 seconds.
<Bob> y=2, x=4
<Jonny> Yes! +100
<Jonny>Bob, you select.
<NickServ>Bob_Green has joined in
<Bob> Math for 200
<Andrew> Okay..
and so on...

Possible Spinoff[edit]

The show's executive producer is considering a remake, with the aid of bots, specifically named "JepBot". Unfortunately, the process will require a volunteer to write the three bots. The new show will also require a qualification process. The producer has notes for the volunteer as well as notes for himself if anyone is willing to participate.