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I am Cobi, the author and owner of the ClueBots.

(If you have come here looking for help with one
of the ClueBots, you are probably better off looking here.)


My RfA is here.

About me:

I am the Cobi. I hang out on the ClueNet and Freenode IRC networks. I am also a co-founder of ClueNet. On Wikipedia, I am a verified open proxy checker, a member of the BAG, a bot operator, and a RCP.

My paper on ClueBot

I have written a paper on ClueBot. It can be found here.

Siemens Westinghouse Competition

I am a Region Six regional finalist in the 2007-08 Siemens Westinghouse Competition.

  • I give permission for any checkuser to perform any check on me for any reason or lack thereof. I also allow them to release any information that would normally be withheld by the privacy policy, such as IP addresses, hostnames, and other account names.
  • Furthermore, in the event my account appears to be compromised, I give permission to be blocked without delay. I then ask that a checkuser is run against me to ensure the edits were coming from a host that is not part of any of the following:,,,, If it was coming from an outside host, my account has been compromised.
  • If I am blocked due to a compromised account, and the checkuser proves it is not one of the above or it appears to be compromised, I request that an administrator or user with similar permissions contact me at {{lcfirst:{{BASEPAGENAME}}}} @ ClueNet . org. I have purposely left the previous e-mail address obfuscated using wiki markup so that I do not receive spam, please evaluate it first before sending e-mail.
  • If I edit this page and change these instructions within 48 hours of any vandalism, or within 48 hours of me reporting to have been locked out of my account, then please use the original email (as of 07:02, 28 December 2007 (UTC)) to contact me.
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