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Danny Julius Zwi is a Transit Engineer & the Founder of Danport Industries was born in October 9, 1998 in Anchorage, Alaska.

He work for "M-TA", EVRX, "B-TA" (Baltimore), MARC Train, "D-R-TA", NJ Rail, "NY-TA" & Amtrak for Name changing when he's a Actor (Febuary 1, 2012-August 28, 2016) & a Rapper (August 2012-August 28, 2016).

His Dad (Helio R.) is a Computer Engineer, his Dad's Dad (Michael) is a retired Hydrological Engineer, his Dad's Mom is a retired Ballet Teacher & his Mom is a School Teacher.

He has ADHD & OCD.

He is half Brazilian on his Dad's, Latvian on his Dad's Dad's Dad's (Nasson), half Latino on his Dad's Mom's Dad (Julio Hirsch), half Turkish on his Dad's Mom's Mom's (Regina ? Hirsch) & whole Jewish Israeli, Russian, German, French, Dutch, Ukrainian & Polish on his ancestors.

Likes: His houses (Potomac, Maryland & Glennallen, Alaska & Gakona, Alaska), Panama, Netherlands, Israel, France, Brazil, Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H. Bush & Jimmy Carter.

Loves: his Family, Iran, Japan, Libya, Taiwan & Tunisia.

American things he loves: 
1: Baltimore County, Maryland 
2: Kansas 
3: New Jersey 
4: Florida 
All B-cause of T Cities

List of MTA (Washington D.F.) Metro stations[edit]

Red Line[edit]

Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Lincoln Avenue (MTA station)
JFK High School (MTA station)
Institutes of Health HQ
Glen City, MAR
Children's Medical Center
Cedar Street
American University (MTA station)

Blue Line[edit]

Largo, MAR
Central Avenue

Orange Line[edit]

Vienna, EV
Cheverly, MAR

Green Line[edit]

Temple City, MAR
Howard Road
Fort McNair (MTA station)