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My real name is Alexander Zhikun He, though I go by "Xander". When using my formal name, I include my middle name because my last name makes me very difficult to Google. (Try it yourself and you'll mostly find things like "When news of the revolts reached Alexander, he responded quickly.")

I am an upper-level mathematics and reading instructor at the Kumon Math and Reading Center in Milford. I also hold a General Securities Representative license, a Series 66 license, as well as insurance licenses, though am currently unaffiliated with a firm.

I write poetry, having graduated from Fairfield University with a B.A. in English. My artistic role model model is William Shakespeare. Most of my free time, when not on Wikipedia, is devoted towards writing my own full length five-act verse drama Alex, Eliza, and the State, which has already won more than one minor literary competitions despite being an incomplete draft. I hope to publish it by the end of the year. A short excerpt as well as a small selection of my other work can be found at

I consider myself a rennaisance man. (I guess in more ways than one because of Shakespeare.) I like to joke that I would have graduated with 9 majors if such were a viable option as I love learning about anything and everything. Also, I consider myself very good at researching obscure topics, which when combined with my strong language acquisition abilities (I currently speak 5 human ones and counting) I am capable of working on topics that contain specialized language without prior knowledge, such as by deciphering psychology jargon to write the article Sleep state misperception and overcoming transliteration issues to write Qawmi, a Bangladeshi Islamic educational system, without speaking Bengali. I also joke that I speak computer, having written a 14-line non-recursive Tower of Hanoi "sonnet" (which caused my Intro to Java Programming Professor's jaw to drop because he had never seen it done in less than 3 pages of code). I apply this skill to Wikipedia in designing templates like Template:Headless TOC.

I've often said that I am well rounded in everything but music. Well, that has changed, as I just taught myself how to read sheet music. I proved this to myself by producing my own modern recreation of John Playford's "Grimstock" that actually sounded right (which I admit I am rather proud of despite having spent only minutes actually producing the piece.)

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