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Nuns at rest in Dingle, County Kerry

These are my jams[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] [8][9].

alien lanes > bee thousand

Fondest moments here are

  • Meeting my wife Liz (on book of kells). Courting people who are brighter and know more than you is very rewarding
  • Co-noming Early Netherlandish Painting with my friend, through thick and thin, of 10 years Victoria, who is impossibly great, and rocks.
  • helping with others, especially Victoria and John, the very charming an charismatic Modernist's drive to bring Vincent van Gogh to FAC
  • Associating with humanities editors such as Outriggr, Johnbod, Theramin, Eric Corbitt, John, Ewlup, Sandy, Moni3, Sarah, Victoria, Tim, Tony1, KJP1, Iridescent, Bus stop, Cas, BrianBoulton, JNW, and the unflagging beacon Gerda Arendt. And I suppose, Yomangani, who knows more about Goya than maybe is healthy.

How i feel about aging and loosing any grip on an ever fading dim and distant 1990s heyday; [poorly] translated from the Irish:

I am The Hag of Beara,
I used to wear ever-new gowns

The maidens rejoice
when May-day comes to them
For me sorrow is overwhelming,
I am wretched; an old hag

Amen! woe is me!
Every acorn has to drop
after feasting by shining candles,
I am in the gloom of prayer

I had my day with kings
Drinking mead and wine;
Today I drink whey-water
among shriveled old hags

FA stuff (mostly collabs)[edit]

Other stuff of interest[edit]