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I'm a software engineer/researcher who has worked on software for both regulatory surveillance of stock markets, and image processing for scientific measurement. The stint in finance was in a tiny software company; the image processing continues in a multinational imaging device company.

I find it very interesting to observe the way that Wikipedia copes with conflicts of vested interests: Wikipedia is a participant in the real world, after all, and in the real world, the interpretation of knowledge can have life-or-death, rich-or-poor implications.

It can be very informative to read the talk pages of contentious areas: two examples I've found very educational are CAMERA and Naked Short Selling.

It's clear that Wikipedia desperately needs to attract hordes of intelligent but disinterested observers who can keep debates level-headed and fair, and articles NPOV, complete, and accurate. However, it is also becoming apparent that there is only so much that amateurs can do, and that it is essential that domain experts get involved to set up basic principles and a framework for progress.


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Nominated in 2008 for three awards for best first novel: Anthony Award;[1] Macavity Award;[2] and Barry award.[3]

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