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Welcome to the user page of Mr Acid the Harassment Campaigner!

I'm an on-again off-again kind of editor, but I can really sink my jaws into some articles here. I've created and heavily revised a number of articles here, and have also created a variety of userboxes. I did a lot of work some time ago building out the Toastmasters International article, and while it's been some time since I worked on it, I'm proud of the state I brought it to, and of the work by other editors in maintaining the quality I brought to it. My main focus now on Wikipedia involves software development and video game topics, although I'm also likely to lurk in administrative spaces (as much as I don't want to be an admin, I'm still interested in the processes and how I can help improve the site through them.)

I have my complaints and issues about Wikipedia (mostly related to bureaucracy and fair use paranoia) but I don't let that stop me from making my own improvements to the content. I've considered leaving the project in the past, and whenever I become a bit too melancholy, such thoughts are quick to return. As a font of information, Wikipedia would be so much better were it not for people of bureaucratic inclinations who are too heavily focused on the notion of notability, when rather they should focus on whether something is factual. In fact, I'm even writing an essay about how verifiability should be balanced with truth, instead of strictly overriding it.

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Pages I've started or contributed to heavily[edit]

This is not a complete list, and just because the article may be great (or crappy) now doesn't mean that I'm the reason for it. If I am responsible for such status, however, you'll see it bragged about below.

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Of course, if you're not me, you should replace my username with your own.
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