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Flag of the United Kingdom.svg This user is a Wikipedian in the United Kingdom.
The motto of the WITUK is Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense, which translates to, "Let him be shamed who thinks ill of it".

This motto reflects a key Wikipedian desire, and is a reference to the British 'Order of the Garter'.

There are things particularly relevant to British Wikipedians at the UK Wikipedians' notice board.

Please feel free to help us improve British related articles in Wikipedia!

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Hello! I am relatively new to wikipedia, so please be patient! Feel free to politely let me know if I made a mistake and I will do my best to fix it. After some nasty business involving allegations of sockpuppetry I am back to editing. I assure you, I am not a sockpuppet!

My Wiki Principles

These are the principles I'll be trying to adhere to while editing on Wikipedia:

  • Opening discussion on talk pages for all major edits before making changes, on the basis of seeking to build consensus before making changes.
  • I am not interested in personal attacks. I'm happy for my edits to be reverted or challenged, but treat me with some basic manners as a fellow human please.
  • That being bold does not excuse failure to seek consensus or discuss changes.

About Me

I am educated, but not arrogant enough to believe that my voice holds greater merit than any other.

My Projects and Interests

Sf-userbox.png This user is a member of WikiProject Science Fiction.
A discus
This user is a member of WikiProject Aquarium Fishes.
Templo-de-zeus-2.jpg This user is interested in Ancient Greece.
DesertPlanet.jpg This user is a fan of Dune.
Small Flag of the United Nations ZP.svg This user is active in simulating the United Nations.

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