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The Royal Albert Hall by Colin
Jubilee and Munin, Ravens, Tower of London by Colin

Quick facts[edit]

  • I have no greater medical qualification than a Scouts First Aid Badge.
  • I have 89 Featured Pictures on Commons.
  • I peer reviewed medical articles and help other editors get their articles to Featured status. For my help with Dementia with Lewy bodies, Sandy Georgia generously included me as co-nominator of that Featured Article.


Stevenfruitsmaak created Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Medicine-related articles in July 2006. In November 2006, I started editing MEDMOS and realised some of the advice concerned sourcing rather than style. So I removed that text and created and expanded it to Wikipedia:Identifying reliable sources (medicine). Stevenfruitsmaak created the MEDRS and MEDMOS shortcuts. I worked alongside many editors on both guidelines, expanding, polishing and pushing them towards community acceptance. MEDMOS became an official Wikipedia guideline in April 2007 and MEDRS in August 2008.