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BetterHistory is a small Javascript extension for Wikipedia that allows you to smoothly view past article revisions. It's only a beta version, but I like it already. So there's that...

The current version is 0.6, released June 21, 2005. (changelog)

Update, 22-June-2009: The links below have been broken for quite a while, but I was able to find an old copy of the script today after a bit of searching. When I have a chance, I'll try to update it so it works properly again.


BetterHistory should run on all the Wikimedia projects, with small modifications. It does require a MonoBook-based skin.

It has been confirmed to run on the following platforms:

  • Windows XP: Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 1.0.4, and Opera 8.

How to install[edit]

  • First, check this page's history to make sure you aren't installing something else by mistake.
  • Go to your monobook.js page.
  • Cut and paste the following code into that page:
document.write('<script src=""><\/script>');

Hosting the script[edit]

It is possible to cut-and-paste all of the code, but by linking to it, upgrades are automatic. This is a list of places where you can download the BetterHistory code. If you want to host these files too, list yourself below.

Warning: None of the above files are necessarily verified. If you don't know what the code does, only download from a website you trust.

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