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This page was created for the purposes of organizing the Warhammer 40,000 articles in Wikipedia. It is intended to unite differing armies, strategies, and backgrounds between Armies, attempt to help bring each army together for better comparison, and to help share a better organized Wikiproject for those who want more information on the Warhammer 40,000 universe and those unfamiliar with other armies.

Definition of Pages[edit]

Army Page

An Army Page is an article that focuses on the information over an offical, legal army by Games Workshop's standards. Armies include:

These offical armies have their own section on the games-workshop sites in the Warhammer 40,000 webpages.

Supplement Army Page

A Supplement Army Page is an article about an offical, legal, army that is a suppliment to an already existing army or race in Warhammer 40,000. These include:

  • Space Marine Chapters
  • Eldar Craftworlds
  • Notable Imperial Guard Armies

There are some "unoffical" armies (armies that do not have models or rulebooks in production by Games Workshop) that have rules. These will be listed as a Supplement Army Page, but must require the following:

  • Have rules written by Games Workshop
  • Must have existing models created by staff of Games Workshop
  • Are mentioned to be allowed in tournaments

Examples are: Genstealer Cult, Harlequins, and Kroot Mercinaries. Note in their Army Page that they are an unoffical army, and are not readily available like other armies. (Would making an unoffical army into a stub article simply work?)

Technology Page

A Technology Page (Weapons, Vehicles, Equipment Page, or WVE Page) is an article that briefly describes the various weapons, vehicles, and equipment for that particular army (E.g. "Tau Technology"). Supplement Army Pages will not have this type of page. Instead, any peculiar technology will be listed and noted in their original army's "Technology Page". (Some exceptions allowed. Use discussion pages)

 Note: Tyranids do not typically have the same idea 
 of technology as other armies, but will have a page. 
 ("Tyranid Bio-Technology Page")

Galaxy Page

The Galaxy Page is an article that describes and discusses the galaxy (Milky Way) both physically and immaterially (the Warp), the different sections, inhabitants, and important time periods and how they affected the galaxy.

Notable Planet Page

A Notable Planet Page is an article about a specific planet with it's own history.

Historical Event Page

A Historical Event Page is an article about a specific time period with important events in the Warhammer 40,000 background.

Miscellaneous Page

A Miscellaneous Page (Misc. Page) is an article that deals with a topic in the Warhammer 40,000 universe not listed above.

Army Page[edit]

An Army Pages should follow a common outline for all to see and easily compare. Suggested Outline:


Brief summary of Army overall.
  • Mention in one or two sentences that the Army in question is a "fictious faction of (humaniod/elf-like/bug-like, etc. Alien race/Humans) who fight for (purpose) using (main strategies and/or overall peculiar characteristics) in the table-top boardgame Warhammer 40,000 with a "(See main article: Warhammer 40,000)".

II. BACKGROUND [in Warhammer 40,000 Universe (commonly known as "fluff")]

A. History
  • Do not mention dates as is in Warhammer 40,000. This is jargon that those unfamiliar with the 40k universe may not understand.
B. State what the Army is "presently" doing and what may become of them in the future in relation to the rest of the galaxy.
C. Physiology
  • Give a general, overall description of the race in it's pysical form. Refrain from POV'ing on size, structure, or looks as this may confuse and irritate newcomers (as well as anger those in favor of the army, please just be courteous and use discresion).
  • If there are many diverse types (e.g. Tyranids and Ork), discuss first common physiology and in one paragraph briefly describe each sub-type from largest to smallest, or vis versa. If there are only a few diverse types (e.g. Kroot), describe common physiology and note minor differences in other types in next paragraph, but do not be too specific (e.g. for Kroot, note that by eating certain defeated foes, Kroot can gain large and abnormal size and muscle from larger creatures, or dog-like characteristics from eating dog-like creatures).
D. Culture
 Note: Some races do not necessarily have a "society"
 or much of a "culture" with one another. If this is
 the case, indicate the Army in question does not have 
 a culture and the reasons, but include 2 and 3. 
1. Society
 Note: If the Army in question is a definate race with a 
 certain society, use the following:
  • Include a list of the divese types of the same race (if there are classes, list from least to greatest or greatest to least)
  • How the different and diverse types view one another and other types.
  • What is the growth and success of the Society like?
  • Reproduction
2. Religion.

Include beliefs, gods, worship methods, rituals, and how it effects the race in the universe (e.g. Tau's Greater Good making them desirous to unite the galaxy, or an Ork Waaagh! in fighting the galaxy)

 NOTE: Do not include POV'ing especially in religion.
 If you do not understand this, simply minimize your 
 adjectives and adverbs (those banned include: 
 Bizarre, evil, putrid, wasteful, imperial, and any 
 word found in the Thesaurus with these words.)
3. Association/Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Arms
  • If a specific Army is not a race, or there is an unknown society or cooperation style, use instead this. If an Army does include the above, put this in addition.
  • Note the ranks in the military (from highest to lowest, or vice versa)
  • Within the ranks, note which is the most common (E.g. Although grots are the weakest and numerous, and Warbosses are the "big dogs", Boyz make up the most common)
  • The relationship between these various ranks (E.g. The Warboss has to watch his back and keep his Nobs in check)
E. Homeworld/Domestic Habitation
  • Briefly describe where the Army/Race reside as a home in the galaxy. If the Army in question rule an empire, note where in the galaxy, how large, and growth (E.g. describe an Eldar Craftworld for Eldar or T'au for Tau).
F. Space Travel
  • How does the Army or Race in question travels through the galaxy? Include a separate paragraph to briefly describe a Navy (if any). This is where the race's relation to Warp Travel will be included.


A. Reasons for War
  • Note when, why, and how this Army fights. Do not simply plunge into the warfare. This will help make a smooth transition.
B. Tactics
  • Refrain from specific on-battlefield tactics as this is typically POV'ing. Only include Army beliefs or common strategies noted in the Codex; reference every mentioned strategy! (E.g. The hit-and-run type pirital raids are actually mentioned in the Dark Eldar Codex, or the Kroot respect for the "warrior spirit" and consumption of enemies in Tau Codex)
  • If there are differing ways of war between different armies of the same race (E.g. Eldar), include a brief paragraph describing each Suppliment Army's own Warfare after a paragraph of common reasons or tactics.
C. Technology
  • This is for a brief overview and summary of the technology and weapons used to help enhance the certain strategies and warfare of the army in question. Include a link to the "Technology Page" (if there is not yet a "Technology Page, make a link to one anyway, leading to a non-existant article. If a "WVE Page" already exists, leave a link to this.)
D. Unit Roles
  • This works by stating the different roles in that Army and how they are carried out (starting with HQ, Troops, Elites, Fast Attack, and Heavy Support respectively in general).
  • The Leaders. Each Army has specific needs and roles that are carried out by certain groups of units. Starting with the HQ, note how the HQ units help the Army on the battlefield. (E.g. Start with Warbosses for Ork, and the need that Ork need a "big boss" of force to keep Orks in line. Tyranid synapse creatures keep the Tyranids going and fearless.)
  • The Core. Next, describe the more core parts of the Army type (e.g. Troop choices) and how they keep the army central and together.
  • Special Roles. Each Army has a set of peculiar units that meet different strengths for the Army that can generally keep the Army balanced. Note the special rolls and strengths for that particular Army, and then list what units carry them out.
  • Support Roles. Lastly, note down the types of units that may not be generally involved in the strengths or special roles, but support them.
 IMPORTANT: By referring to units like this, each Army 
 looks more unique and distinguished (not like Starcraft 
 races). Long descriptions of each and every specific 
 unit is avoided. Trying to list units under their 
 respective unit type will not do enough justice either. 
 Tau, ex. have "Fast Attack" units, but they are not 
 necessarily "fast attacking units" or "strike force/
 spearhead" units, and are closer to "supporting units". 
 This also helps those unfamiliar with Warhammer 40,000 
 get an idea for the strategy of the game.
 Please discuss this for more ideas or controversy.



A. Common Strategies and Uses
B. Outlook/Popularity (quotes/poles would be helpful for support)


A. When and why Games Workshop created his army (the army's page on the Games Workshop site is a good reference, they usually tell you)
B. History
C. Changes
  • If possible or desired, note the changes made to an Army from it's beginning to the present day.
  • Pictures of the older models help

--Use the Disscussion Page for each Army what should/should not go into the article, and (more importantly) how the Introduction should be worded, how to organize Unit Rolls and Tactics.--

For the Imperium of Mankind[edit]

The Imperium is a broad subject that includes all human activity in the Empire of Man. The Imperium article will use the above guidlines with the following exceptions/additions:

  • C. Physiology will include a brief mention of mutation and various world influences on certain pysiologies.
  • 3. Association/Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Arms will list and briefly describe the different relationships between the different men at arms in the Imperium. (Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Inquisition, Witch Hunters, and Daemon Hunters)
  • E. Homeworld/Domestic Habitation will be a summary of Holy Terra. Include "(See main article: Holy Terra.)"
  • B. Tactics will be excluded. The different men at arms of the Imperium each have their own tactics.
  • D. Unit Roles will be excluded. The different men at arms of the Imperium each have their own units.