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My Name is Chrystopher and I am a wikifreak from Grand Junction, Colorado. I enjoy userboxes and long edits on articles. I am something of a joker, but can be serious if required. I hope for adminship one day. My main interest is in politics, but I also enjoy history. I check the article on Glenn Beck very often, as a am a total Beckaholic. I think that I am on the young side for Wikipedians, but I might be wrong (It is quite possible that almost all users are under 8, which would explain some of the articles). I don't know how soon I will be able to even consider making a RfA. I am only 14, but I don't think that most Wikipedians are discriminating on the basis of age. Most of us are more open-minded than that. I have been reading Wikipedia for years, but I only began editing in 2006. I will probably add more text to my userpage as I go along, but for right now, this is it. Everybody check out the newpages


If you would like to be my friend, add your name to this list by signing your user name ( just add *~~~~ ):