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Use my Talk page for contact.

Computer n screen.svgThis user is interested in computer science.

Pages I've edited:

  • Binary code compatibility
  • ARM architecture (and related)
  • Android (operating system) (and related)
  • Firefox (and OS and related and other browsers) – I have contributed bug reports and translation fixes but no code.
  • Julia – Possible semi-COI – So far I haven't contributed meaningfully to the language itself, but I plan to as a "volunteer"[1] and think I'll remember to update here saying so..
    • Stopped editing Julia, is just seems to much trouble (EDIT: now just with small changes). I guess editing programming language article is just difficult to do. Might apply to technical articles in general, where the best sources are primary ones. I ended up deleting most of the stuff I had added..
  • Ubuntu – I have contributed bug reports and translation fixes but no code.

See the pattern..? For people who do not know Usenet, comp.arch is a newsgroup there, for computer architecture – one of my interests, and in general computers/software, which is my field. I've been thinking if I should declare some conflict of interest (see: WP:COI). Everyone has biases, I try to be very aware of them, not sure I should declare them.. I can just say I've never worked for a computer/electronics hardware company, taken money from them (I did work for pre-WiFi direct-sequence spread spectrum wireless reseller).

I have used and do like some software (and have contributed to in non-COI way?) and possibly "dislike" some other software but try to edit all articles in a non-biased way.. At least I'm not a reseller of any software (I did work for the embedded/pre-WiFi wireless computer reseller; and they sold my software, see above), only done work-for-hire software development (none of which covered in Wikipedia) and DBA/admin work.