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I used to mostly to contribute to troubadours pages. I have created from scratch the stubs about

(and possibly others I don't remember). Also, with less time to waste on wikipedia, I am hellbent on reducing its size. In the past month, I have deleted dozens of errors, brainfarts, idle chat, factoids, nonsense, folklore, truism, propaganda, vandalism, pseudoscience, local colour, practical tips and a number of things nobody in his right mind would ever give a crap about. I am actually growing increasingly tired of wikipedia. While it is both a good idea and it is one of the beacons of modern culture, it does have problems, and these problems are addressed only by an enormous set of rules nobody knows or cares about and by endless discussions. The fact that really, totally, ridiculously irrelevant articles like Efbe's Hidalgo At Goodspice and Teaneck Kebab House exist is an example of that.

The core of the problem, as far as I can tell is that expert editors do not edit: they discuss, with no result whatsoever; now, me planning my retirement from wikipedia is not a childish way of giving up on free education: it is a way of saying that I can do more for it by, for example, working at my own website, which is an important primary source.

My next goal here? Earning the Remover of Hogwash barnstar; however, this doesn't exist, and creating it would be against my destructionist policies.