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The following is taken from this page,[dead link] which is a mirror of the now-deleted Wikipedia page of the same title. See also Wikipedia talk:Lamest edit wars/Archive 1#List of numbers that are always odd.

Many things designated with numbers can be even or odd. Some numbers, however, are always odd. Examples are:

  • prime numbers other than 2.
  • Numbers equal to one-half the year of a World Cup year since 1966 or Winter Olympic since 1994
  • The sum of an even number and an odd number
  • The sum of an odd number of odd numbers
  • The sum of any number of even numbers and an odd number of odd numbers
  • The sum of two consecutive integers
  • The sum of two numbers which differ by an odd number produced by any succeeding rule and is an integer
  • The sum of two numbers which differ by a number which qualifies under any prior rule and is an integer
  • The product of two odd numbers
  • Odd numbers. (Integers in the form 2k+1, with k an integer)
  • One more than even numbers.
  • One less than even numbers
  • (2m)n-1 with m an integer and n a positive integer
  • (2m+1)n with m an integer and n a non-negative integer
  • The number of days in February in a leap year, except 1812 in Sweden when February had 30 days
  • The number of days in January, March, May, July, August, October and December on years in which a human being dies. Throughout the last several centuries, an even number of days in January has been an infallible sign that nobody will die, a fact which hypochondriacs should take note of.
  • numbers which I could validly add here if I were really, really bored
  • Leprechauns are odd. And scary.
  • The number zero plus or minus an odd number.
  • The years immediately before and after a U.S. presidential election year.
  • The number of days in a year (except for leap years).
  • The number of letters in the word odd as written in English.
  • The number of characters in the string "List of numbers that are always odd", with or without spaces.
  • The number of oxygen atoms in a molecule of water.
  • The atomic numbers of gold and silver, but not their sum.
  • The imaginary unit squared, or i².
  • eπi.
  • The number of stars about which the Earth orbits in a year.
  • The number of moons of the Earth. (3753_Cruithne in rare cases causes this to be untrue)
  • The number of feet in a yard.
  • The minimum number of logical qubits required to perform Shor's algorithm on a given number of bits with arbitrary pair interactions
  • The total number of runs scored in a baseball game won in extra innings by the home team, except some of those won with a non-solo home run.
  • The diameter in inches of an EP record unless it is a specially pressed 6" or 8".
  • 3
  • 9001
  • The number of Aztec priests present at a human sacrifice.
  • The number of testicles in Lance Armstrongs' scrotum after 1997.
  • The loneliest number.