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    My name is Matthew Hunt. I work in the field of remote sensing. I am an alumnus of Penn State (B.S., Physics and Astronomy, 1998) and Caltech (Ph.D., Astrophysics, 2004). I live in Croyle Township, Pennsylvania, near my hometown of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. I have also lived in Pasadena, California, Ridgecrest, California, and Lancaster, California. My username is a reference to autocross. My other hobbies include photography, birding, food, and wine, and I am a former FreeBSD committer.

    One of my Wikipedia edits has been mentioned in the media. On August 11, 2006, King Kaufman of quoted this edit summary in his daily column:

    Soon there was a notation in the item that I'd written a column on Aug. 10, 2006, bemoaning the fact that my item might be deleted. Whoa, feedback loop! That was removed in short order as a "navel-gazing reference to Wikipedia."
    Yeah, I hate navel-gazing self-reference, don't you?

    The title of the column was "Down with self-referential navel gazing! Or, Wikipedia and me, Part 2. And did I mention me?".

    If there's anything on my Flickr photostream that you think would be valuable in Wikipedia, let me know, and I'll consider licensing it appropriately.

    My images[edit]

    Toy-manchester-terrier-weave.png House-finch-male.jpeg Wattled Crane.jpg P200 Dome Open.jpg Long-billed Curlew Morro Bay.jpg Mammatus.jpg Mammatus pano.jpg Purple Finch Wrought Iron.jpg Calico Pennant.jpg Coneslayer - 20090709-K10D-8600 2000px (by).jpg

    Images I should upload[edit]