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List of Members of the House of Commons of Canada with partial dates of death:

Partial dates of death
Name Death Province represented Full date onwiki
Moore, RonaldRonald Moore 2003  Manitoba  Done
Simpson, RobertRobert Simpson 1997  Manitoba
Harding, RandolphRandolph Harding 1996  British Columbia  Done
Clancy, Gordon DrummondGordon Drummond Clancy 1996  Saskatchewan  Done
Brand, LewisLewis Brand 1994  Saskatchewan  Done
Cantelon, RegReg Cantelon 1993  Saskatchewan  Done
McKay, EricEric McKay 1993  Saskatchewan  Done
Lewry, LouisLouis Lewry 1992  Saskatchewan  Done
Bryson, Hugh AlexanderHugh Alexander Bryson 1987  Saskatchewan  Done
Catherwood, EarlEarl Catherwood 1988  Ontario  Done
Davies, Percy GriffithPercy Griffith Davies 1990  Alberta  Done
Dewar, Austin EdwinAustin Edwin Dewar 1985  Saskatchewan  Done
Dionne, Charles-EugèneCharles-Eugène Dionne 1984  Quebec  Done
Stuart, Andrew WesleyAndrew Wesley Stuart 1984  New Brunswick  Done
Helme, Francis HeseltonFrancis Heselton Helme 1984  Saskatchewan  Done
Whiteside, HarryHarry Whiteside 1984  Saskatchewan  Done
Murray, Alexander ClarkAlexander Clark Murray 1983  Ontario  Done
Hetland, Joseph IngolphJoseph Ingolph Hetland 1982  Saskatchewan  Done
Chambers, AlanAlan Chambers 1981  British Columbia
Wright, Percy EllisPercy Ellis Wright 1980  Saskatchewan  Done
Stearns, GeorgeGeorge Stearns 1979  Quebec  Done
Elliott, Otto BuchananOtto Buchanan Elliott 1979  Saskatchewan  Done
Thomas, William Howell ArthurWilliam Howell Arthur Thomas 1979  Ontario  Done
Plaxton, Hugh JohnHugh John Plaxton 1979  Ontario  Done
Bence, Alfred HenryAlfred Henry Bence 1977  Saskatchewan  Done
Clunis, Sidney LeRoiSidney LeRoi Clunis 1975  Ontario  Done
Quelch, VictorVictor Quelch 1975  Alberta  Done
Martini, QuintoQuinto Martini 1975  Ontario  Done
Power, FrankFrank Power 1973  Quebec
Ross, J. GordonJ. Gordon Ross 1972  Saskatchewan  Done
Tripp, Jesse PickardJesse Pickard Tripp 1971  Saskatchewan  Done
Bruneau, RaymondRaymond Bruneau 1970  Ontario  Done
Studer , IrvinIrvin Studer 1970  Saskatchewan  Done
Bater, Arthur JamesArthur James Bater 1969  Saskatchewan  Done
Larson, Frederick HugoFrederick Hugo Larson 1969  Saskatchewan
Benoit, Aldéric-JosephAldéric-Joseph Benoit 1968  Quebec  Done
Beynon, William AddisonWilliam Addison Beynon 1968  Saskatchewan  Done
Bothwell, Charles EdwardCharles Edward Bothwell 1967  Saskatchewan  Done
Loucks , William JohnWilliam John Loucks 1967  Saskatchewan  Done
Archibald, Harry GrenfellHarry Grenfell Archibald 1965  British Columbia
McLeod, George WilliamGeorge William McLeod 1965  British Columbia  Done
Harrison, John HornbyJohn Hornby Harrison 1964  Saskatchewan  Done
Gauthier, LéodaLéoda Gauthier 1964  Ontario  Done
Probe, JohnJohn Probe 1964  Saskatchewan  Done
Robidoux, Ferdinand JosephFerdinand Joseph Robidoux 1962  New Brunswick  Done
McTaggart, Neil HamanNeil Haman McTaggart 1962  Saskatchewan  Done
McCuaig, Duncan JohnDuncan John McCuaig 1960  Saskatchewan  Done
Henderson, Charles AlbertCharles Albert Henderson 1957  Saskatchewan  Done
Hlynka, AnthonyAnthony Hlynka 1957  Alberta  Done
MacMillan, John AngusJohn Angus MacMillan 1956  Saskatchewan  Done
Needham, JosephJoseph Needham 1953  Saskatchewan  Done
Davis, Fred LangdonFred Langdon Davis 1951  Manitoba  Done
Stewart, Charles WallaceCharles Wallace Stewart 1948  Saskatchewan  Done
Healy, Albert FrederickAlbert Frederick Healy 1942  Ontario  Done
Coulombe, Charles JérémieCharles Jérémie Coulombe 1937  Quebec  Done
Metcalfe, James HenryJames Henry Metcalfe 1925  Ontario  Done
Fréchette, Louis-Israël Côté ditLouis-Israël Côté dit Fréchette 1923  Quebec  Done
Macdonell, George HughGeorge Hugh Macdonell 1920  Ontario Verify
Bannerman, WilliamWilliam Bannerman 1914  Ontario
Kinney, Joseph RobbinsJoseph Robbins Kinney 1919  Nova Scotia
Vaillancourt, Cyrille ÉmileCyrille Émile Vaillancourt 1912  Quebec  Done
Muttart, Ephraim BellEphraim Bell Muttart 1912  Prince Edward Island  Done
Redford, JamesJames Redford 1909  Ontario  Done
De Veber, Jeremiah Smith BoiesJeremiah Smith Boies De Veber 1908  New Brunswick  Done
McDonald, DuncanDuncan McDonald 1903  Nova Scotia
Robillard, Ulysse-JanvierUlysse-Janvier Robillard 1900  Quebec
Chisholm, Daniel BlackDaniel Black Chisholm 1899  Ontario
Adams, MichaelMichael Adams 1899  New Brunswick  Done
Wells, James PearsonJames Pearson Wells 1896  Ontario  Done
Bill, Silas Tertius RandSilas Tertius Rand Bill 1890  Nova Scotia
Gibson, WilliamWilliam Gibson 1890  Ontario
Oakes, Edwin RandolphEdwin Randolph Oakes 1889  Nova Scotia
Ferris, JohnJohn Ferris 1884  New Brunswick
Lapum, JamesJames Lapum 1879  Ontario  Done
Ryan, GeorgeGeorge Ryan 1876  New Brunswick  Done
Dorion, Pierre-NéréePierre-Nérée Dorion 1874  Quebec

List of Members of the House of Commons of Canada with missing dates of death on PARLINFO:

Missing dates of death
Name Birth yr Province represented Full date onwiki
Allison, William HenryWilliam Henry Allison 1838  Nova Scotia Y
Desmond, EarlEarl Desmond 1894  Ontario Y
Forget, VictorVictor Forget unk  Quebec
Keays, RussellRussell Keays 1913  Quebec  Done
Tétrault, OzaOza Tétrault 1908  Quebec  Done
Lavallée, Joseph OctaveJoseph Octave Lavallée 1878  Quebec
Nasserden, EdwardEdward Nasserden 1919  Saskatchewan Y
Robitaille, LorenzoLorenzo Robitaille 1882  Quebec
Rowe, Percy JohnPercy John Rowe 1893  Alberta Y (1978; Lakeview, Elgin, ONT?)
Wallace, RobertRobert Wallace 1820  British Columbia Possib. 1891, Scotland

Jean-Marie Boisvert - ??