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Best Consignment Shop Software (BCSS) is an application software, a content management system (CMS), customer relationship management (CRM) software and a data management system (DBMS) specifically designed for the complete and efficient management of consignment, reseller and charity shop businesses.

As business software with a Windows-based interface, BCSS increases productivity by organizing information, automating routines and allowing users to perform specific productive tasks with greater consistency and speed. It measures productivity via detailed accounting reports.

With BCSS, business managers and operators can create, edit and publish business-related information in a consistent organized manner.

BCSS as a CRM stores and organizes information on current customers and prospects who may be contacted with greater ease and efficiency. With authorization, any company departments may enter, edit, access and utilize that information over a local area network(LAN).

As a DBMS based in Microsoft's Visual FoxPro (VFP) 9.0 programming language, BCSS stores and organizes data related to consignors, inventory (consignments, resale and retail items), buyers, employees, sales (including layaways and rentals), settlements and disbursements. It facilitates data entry, edit, query and reporting.

Unlike most database systems, FoxPro is fully-featured and self-contained. With no dependencies upon external frameworks like Microsoft Data Access Components(MDAC)(or Windows DAC in Windows Vista), data is less vulnerable to loss or corruption, making BCSS uniquely dependable in consignment software.


In 2002 there were 3 main providers of consignment software online, each priced exceedingly high at just under $1,000 with ongoing usage fees for proprietary software licenses. Best Consignment Shop Software was introduced at about one-third the initial cost and the software was made available without ongoing fees. The clickwrap license was eliminated, granting BCSS users full ownership of the software license and the right to resell (but not distribute) the software.


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