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Consumed Crustacean
NCI steamed shrimp.jpg
Steamed shrimp, ready for consumption
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Crustacea
Brünnich, 1772


  • I'm a generalist game programmer
  • I have a particular interest in software and games industry-related articles, though less articles about games themselves and more everything around them (that is, the things I work with day-to-day) since these articles tend to have fewer editors. I also have some interest in space travel/exploration and astronomy-related articles and who knows what else.
  • I still have administrator access somehow, so if you need help with something that requires that (moves, protects / unprotects, deletions), I'm here

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The best way to contact me most of the time is at my talk page. You can also send me an email if it's more private. Either way I'll get an email at an address I frequently check.

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  • Attempt to find any information at all to flesh this page out, since it now consists _solely_ of a summary section linking to the split Scaleform GFx
  • Do something about the weird chronological layout?

Articles to create?[edit]

  • Tabletop Simulator. Was previously AfD'd. There are definitely sources to establish its notability now.