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This user is a bot
([[User talk:{{{Bot name}}}|talk]] · [[Special:Contributions/{{{Bot name}}}|contribs]])
Operator Jason Spriggs (t)
Approved? See Task List
Flagged? Yes
Task(s) See Task List
Edit rate 10 per minute per task
Edit period(s) See BRFA's
Automatic or manual? Automatic
Programming language(s) Java
Exclusion compliant? Yes
Source code published? Soon
Emergency shutoff-compliant? Yes

Temporary Suspension[edit]

ContinuityBot is currently offline until I have re-written the base system that runs the scripts. Estimated return: Mid-Summer 2014.

Emergency Shutoff[edit]

Disable Bot[edit]

ContinuityBot's current status is DISABLED (TRUE means active).

To disable ContinuityBot if it is malfunctioning (this should not include single edit mistakes which can be addressed individually on the talk page), please change User:ContinuityBot/EmergencyShutoff to FALSE and IMMEDIATELY notify me on my and this bot's talk pages.

Task Status[edit]

Task # Description Status Activity
I Flags file's as potentially eligible for transfer to Commons.  Approved. Not Running
II Removes {{Copy to Wikimedia Commons}} either because the file no longer meets the criteria for transfer or because the file is already on Commons.  Approved. Not Running
III Tag's orphaned free file for maintenance and statistical purposes.  Approved. Not Running
IV Removes {{Orphan image}} because the file is not orphaned.  Approved. Not Running
- Tag's non-free file with old revisions. Not Filed
- Removes {{Orphaned non-free revisions}} because file no longer has orphaned revisions. Not Filed
- Assesses Move to Commons Priority. Not Filed
- Removes from MTC priority list. Not Filed