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Coolbunny 19:49, 22 March 2007 (UTC)Coolbunny is the name I have decided to use, as bunny in itself is a cute name, plus bunnies are cute and are vegetarians like myself.

Have decided to join wiki to write some articles and provide information regarding few sites that are worth getting listed on wiki, dmoz is dieing cause of the poor editorial group that exists there, hoping here at wiki mature editors and fellow users write without any need for doing suckups like you would have to do on dmoz to meta editors and so on. Cause i do not like doing suckups.

You can contact me via instant messenger using Aim : killeridforaim or msn : support at .

Or you can always drop by at and indulge yourself in the discussions.

Here is a brief educational background if anyone is interested: 1. Currently Doing Masters in Electrical Engineering (specializing in Power systems). 2. Already have done my undergraduate in Electronics and Communication engineering :).

My Hobbies (as if anyone cares): 1. Learning new stuff daily (that involves making websites, coding,design and so on..). 2. Coding and creating templates for directory owners. 3. Sleeping and eating carrots :).

Thats about it. Hoping to meet new folks and learn new things here at wiki.

Coolbunny 19:49, 22 March 2007 (UTC)