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Why coolmojito? Well, I live in California and Mojitos are nice and yummy on a sunny California day. Who am I? I'm a consultant for Fortune 500's and startups, mainly related to internet and technology. I was also in the US Army in the 10th Mountain Division.

I've lived in New York, Paris, London, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.
Favorite Authors: Ernest Hemingway, Christopher Moore
Favorite Poets: Pablo Neruda, Maya Angelou

What I Do for Wikipedia[edit]

I'm relatively new here. Learning the ropes, contributing where I can as I get more comfortable.


I've been using Wikipedia and have been amazed by the wealth of knowledge developed by volunteers. That's the power of the web. I'm happy to be a small part of it.

Where I'm contributing[edit]

They say to follow your passion, right? Ha. Actually, I'm fascinated by pornography because that industry has often been a leader in the uptake of new technology. Lot to be learned there for mainstream companies.

So, I've adopted the Pornography page as a starter. Will review it regularly for vandalism and add new and relevant information.

New page I'm planning to get involved with: Ernest Hemingway

Favorite People on Wikipedia[edit]

These are people I've interacted with on Wikipedia in some way and have found them to be helpful. It's people like them that make being part of the Wikipedia community fun.






Talk to me live[edit]

I'm often on Mobber, a neat website that allows anyone to see if I'm online and talk to me. My userid is: Coolmo

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