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sw Mtumiaji huyu ni mwongeaji wa Kiswahili Fasaha.
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Coolsam726 is the common name for Samson Maosa. Maosa is known to be one of the grand prize winners in the just-concluded Kiswahili Wikipedia Challenge sponsored by Google.

I am so humbled by the victory and how much Kiswahili Wikipedia during the competition. Now i am part of the wikipedia Community and I'm looking forward to so so much more during my stay here.


At the google offices located along Westlands road in Nairobi Kenya, Google Inc. organized a video conference for the winners, which involved senior google officials from Carlifonia including the senior international engineering manager Christine Moon as well as top officials from the wikimedia foundation like Erik Möller and Frank. It feels an honour to meet such heavyweights who can show us the way forward. That is where I also learned that there is Wikimania, the annual Wikimedia conference in Poland in July. I would love by all means to attend. It may be my future eye-opener.


Sincere regards to wikimedia and Google for organizing such an event which has turned us from mere consumers to contributors in enriching information for others. We look forward to more tremendous development as we remain part of the Wikimedia foundation. Thank you to all wikipedians for the tireless efforts to make people knowledgeable.

For more let us talk in my Talk Page.