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Articles I've created[edit]


The Human Centipede (First Sequence) Featured article

I started this article for a bit of a joke back in 2009 when I had for the most part only really used Wikipedia to mess about with articles and cause general low level mischief. I ended up taking the whole thing a little bit too seriously and out of it somehow became a pretty serious Wikipedian. I suspect this is quite a common editing progression and therefore I'm always loathe to treat the vandals too harshly. We can always revert their rubbish and hey, maybe one day they might write something really good?

After three attempts at FAC this eventually passed, however, the attempt to immediately shove it onto the main page was as predicted an absolute disaster, with one editor observing that I should apologise and then leave Wikipedia temporarily "for (my) own good".

However, bizarrely quite a few editors thought it would be a good idea to nominate the article again, this time for Halloween 2011. And even more bizarrely, it actually got selected! The result was a big fight on the main page discussion area, and the 25th most popular TFA ever. I'd have settled for that.

Wage reform in the Soviet Union, 1956–1962 Did You Know? Featured article

I started this article during the third (ultimately successful) Human Centipede FAC. I started it because I could see what a huge fight the whole centipede thing was causing and wondered if it would be easier to get something bland and uninteresting to FAC before the centipede article got the shiny gold star. I also hoped it might help to buy me back some wiki-karma by contributing something more educational to the project, and hopefully act as a bit of wiki-rehabilitation for me.

Remarkably this page also ended up being put on the front page as TFA after another editor nominated it. Even more remarkably absolutely tonnes of people decided to read it and someone recorded a nice spoken word version of the article. I would love it if someone went and recorded the whole centipede article.....

Other Articles[edit]

Sky Larkin

2009 Leeds refuse workers strike

Almscliffe Crag

Scraps (batter)

Civilization (Justice song)

The Human Sexipede - Sorry, couldn't resist creating this

Moses Carter

Andy Holden (artist)

And some others that I won't go into.....