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Very interested in the sports of curling, soccer and hockey, both at pro, university and amature levels.

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I like your aticles about canadian soccer,good work! :D D'Geist (talk) 12:04, 23 December 2012 (UTC)


Attempting to get some of the upcoming Canadian soccer players bios up. The game in Canada is so fragmented (USL, CIS, NCAA, Europe) it is hard to follow the progress of some of these players. I'm told this is hard because they will be automatically deleted if they are not notable. Only pro players are notable, so there is a list of Canadian players without a bio who are on pro clubs.



NB Soccer[edit]

Maritime Soccer League:
/Maritime Senior Men's Soccer League

NS Soccer[edit]

ON Soccer[edit]

QC Soccer[edit]

AB Soccer[edit]


/London Lasers
/A.E.K. London FC
/Victoria Gorge FC


/Chapman Field (UNB)
/Terry Fox Stadium
/Rocky Stone Field

/CIS Season Template
/CAN Championship Proposal

/CONCACAF Club Ranking


Sports TV Ratings[edit]


/2014 World Junior Madness


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