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If you would like me to self-revert a recent edit: I suggest putting a message on my talk page specifying which edit you're talking about and asking me to self-revert "pending discussion", by which you mean that you intend soon to post arguments against my edit on the article talk page (or possibly on my talk page). I might re-instate my edit at a later time depending on how the discussion proceeds, (for example if I find an argument unconvincing and some time passes without replies to my counterarguments,) although normally the expectation is that consensus will be reached via discussion.

This practice doesn't apply to maintenance tags such as {{fact}}, {{unreferenced}}, {{notability}} etc. You can always try asking me, though. There may be other exceptions which I'll decide later, and I'll consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

Alternatively, you can ask me to self-revert and give me a reason at the same time. In that case, I don't make any predictions about how likely I am to comply with your request -- it depends largely on how convincing I find your reason. But it can't hurt to ask. :-)