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Welcome. Feel free to improve anything you think could be fixed, but please do keep in mind the vandalism policy.

I'm Lucille, known as Coralmizu on Wikipedia. I've been an active contributor since mid-October 2007. You will most likely find me around articles surrounding film and Broadway Theatre, among many other categories. Please feel free to leave a message on my talk page should you have any questions or concerns. I edit under a public account when away from my home computer. If you have any inquiries regarding edits under said account, please use my main talk page.

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My contributions[edit]


Motto of the day[edit]

Today's motto...
Non omnis moriar
("I shall not wholly die")

Nominate one today!


Current Projects[edit]

Some are new, and some are ongoing projects. I'm gonna be pretty busy this Summer and into Winter with work now, but hopefully I'll still find time to contribute to the mainspace largely. ;-)

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See /Committed identity.

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