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cOrneLlrOckEy hails from Tompkins County, New York State, United States. He currently resides in Washington, DC, although he is willing and able to relocate to a more isolated location in the case of a zombie outbreak. He works to further the vast left wing conspiracy.

When he isn't being a huge dork on Wikipedia, he enjoys college ice hockey, ice skating, movies, hiking (especially in the mountain west), and reading current politics, fiction, & history.

Wikipedia contributions[edit]

cOrneLlrOckEy has been a registered user since May 13, 2005. His Wikipedia projects include many Cornell & Ithaca, New York related topics as well as various American & military history articles, current American politics, some vandal patrol work and random corrections here, there and everywhere.

Some of the articles he has almost completely written, or has made substantive contributions to include:

Take a look at the full body of his work here.

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