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Costhiraius is an Australian contributor to many of the projects of Wikimedia. (he) was born in Western Sydney, New South Wales, Australia and spent his early life in Quakers Hill in Blacktown and went to school at Barnier Public School before moving to a town in New South Wales called Young, then to Kensignton, Moonee Valley Melbourne, Victoria, (Australia); then to Maidstone, Maribyrnong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The two worst things to happen in his life are a friend of his died and he didn't know that it] was going to happen and couldn't] do anything in time to help her and stop it and the making of bad choices that made his life not the best it could've been. He lost a great uncle, the brother of his father's mother who] was one of the 84 who died on the HMAS Canberra (D33) in the Battle of Savo Island and his father] gave directorship of the Sydney Landmark White to a man who he didn't know then had links to Tony Mokbel and whom is now the head of the Melbourne detectives squad. And his father's third cousin was one of the people murdered by the Claremont serial killer in 1998. He is currently in Murringo, New South Wales, Australia.

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dreams he has had

Early 1990s: He had a dream that him and his family were being chased around his first house by the symbol for Channel Seven of that time and they escaped to this exit somewhere else through a tunnel in/under the second lounge room after going to the room which was his room there. Late 1990s: He had a weird] dream that I was Chucky from Rugrats. Late 2001: He had a weird dream that his mother destroyed his blanket in dog faeces because I didn't do the third hoop in this hoop thing. november 2003: He had a dream that his arms had these holes in them, you could see to the other] side and it was just skin visible and they were like normal arms. It was at his father's apartment of the time. May 25 2007: He had a dream that the son of one of my mother's friends had been murdered in this garden and greenhouse [ October 13 2009: I had a dream like a few others about this guy who would hit people and I were still at the school together and I was avoiding him. November 2009: I had a dream that I'd saw something about his friend who'd died recently, it told him that she was about to die and I was about to do something about it to stop it when I woke up. 5 March 2011: He had a weirdish dream that I was in some sort of thriller movie on a plane with two protagonists-of-sort, a teen girl[ with reddish-brown hair and a younger black-brown haired boy. I was next to the girl to her [ left in the middle on the left aisle and it had five seats in the middle. They told me that there were explosives on the plane in the style of a terrorist attack on a Philippine Airlines plane in 1994 but in the back part of the seat instead and the first one was only going to affect the middle seat and no one else, everyone else'd be ok, then the next would be in another bunch of seats on the plane with a row affected by it. The antagonist was this vicious spirit thing. It appeared on the plane's TVs. No one else on the plane seemed to realize what was going on and I read this interactive electronic screen thing on the plane that confirmed what I'd been told. I woke up just before the second bombs were about to go off. 11 March 2011: I had two dreams: The first dream: A weird one where my parents were angry at me because I'd broken this iPhone-like phone in a swimming pool at a hotel in Manila (I didn't know its name.) The second dream: It was one about my friend who died and it was really weird. It was that she had died in a weird way and not the way she had really died. 12 March 2011: I had a dream that I used a whole lot of my father's money to go to a school in Melbourne other than one full of immigrants for my brother. It also had a weird map of Russia centred on Siberia and its territory shrunk along with my father's money. 13 March 2011: I had a dream about the World Trade Centre and September 11, their collapse and that I was there and their replacements' construction and they were connected] like the Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia. 14 March 2011: I had a dream that I had missed half a day of work, hence getting half that day's pay and it taking more time for me to buy a [[Xbox 360. 15 March 2011: I had a weird dream about the 2011 Libyan uprising. It was like the real thing but the organized opposition were the South Asian Indian minority of the country which was the wierd part. 1 September 2011: I had a dream that I was playing Grand Theft Auto IV and I was in this special online race in Dukes in Liberty City and I kept on coming second and having to do it again. 11 September 2011: I had a dream that I caught two frogs around my place like I have done before, one was in my house. 18 November 2011: I had a dream that a explosion occured at my first workplace and it killed two people I know who worked there who were in the only area affected by it. July 13 2012: I had a dream that I was living at a house and there was a abandoned ruined house next door and I went into it and it had a cat, a dog and two rabbits in it.

April 2009 visit to friends in New South Wales From April 15 to April 30 he visited his friends in Young, New South Wales. he packed for his visit on April 14 and woke up and had a shower at 6:00 A.M.. Then he had yoghurt and a bun and some coffee but not all of it for breakfast, then he got ready to go on the train, then he put his things into his dad's car but he forgot his ticket but his dad printed a new one at his office, then they stopped at Hungry Jacks where he had a orange juice drink, then his dad dropped] him off at the train station at 8:13 A.M. and gave him $30 to buy food on the trip. Then he got onto the train and to his seat-51 carriage E. Later he had two Kit Kats and a iced coffee Moove, then he texted my friends that he was coming, he wished one a late "happy Easter" back, texted a former teacher and texted his dad back, then he went to buy a egg and lettuce sandwich and a Coke Zero, then later he bought another Kit Kat, he took phots on the trip including one of dust being blown about near and at Albury, New South Wales. he arrived in Harden, New South Wales at 3:12 P.M. and Yvonne was there waiting for him, they then went to visit Ken who lived nearby, he last saw Ken] on November 1 2006, he was healthy and happy, we had coffee and biscuits and a chat at his house, the at 4:00 P.M. they left for Young, when they arrived in Young he had his hair cut at Mark's Pit Stop Barber Shop, then they drove to her farm. She was the only one there this time. Then he got his laptop out and connected it to their Internet connection, and updated his Myspace, Facebook, Friendster, Bebo, Twitter and Wikipedia article, uploaded his photos and put the video he took onto my computer and wrote on this blog. Then they had rice with chicken, peas and broccoli stew for dinner with juice. Then Yvonne gave him a Easter bunny for Easter that had passed, he ate it soon after, then he was online for a few more hours and got two texts from his friend Daniel, then he went to bed, the next day he woke up then went online and deleted his Myspace, Bebo, Twitter, Friendster and Wikipedia article for safety reasons, then when Yvonne woke up he had toast with peanut butter for breakfast, then went back online and typed on this blog, then he had a shower, then had some vanilla ice cream with chocolate topping. Then Yvonne started organising things with his friends, he was going to see his friend Chris the next morning, he also wanted to see my friend Heather and hang out with them at Mac' Donalds, then they would stop at his friend Ash's house in the afternoon. Then he went online and typed on this blog. Then he had lettuce, onion and beef sandwiches for lunch with a can of Coke. Then he went to put the photos he had on their computer onto his laptop but they weren't on their computer anymore. After Lunch he then went online, and then he had a walk outside and looked at their birds in a cage outside. He then texted one of his Internet friends to see how she was, then he typed more about his visit, then put his phone on its charger went for another walk outside where he was with their two cats, two dogs, two horses and alpaca. he then typed more about his visit. Then he got his Microsoft Office 2007 set up and typed more about his visit and talked to Heather's friend Keira on MSN Messenger and put more photos onto my computer and uploaded them. Then for dinner he had Spaghetti Bolognese with Pepsi Max then they watched an episode of Waking The Dead about these war criminals from the war in Bosnia, they ate some small easter eggs while watching it. After it he went to bed. The next day he woke up, went online and typed more about his visit as well as looked at the anti-LHC site. Then when Yvonne woke up he had fried eggs and toast with butter for breakfast. Then he went back online then went outside and was with one of their cats, then we went into town and he was dropped off at Chris's house and given $25 to spend but he only spent $13.50, he was living back where he was in 2006, he had a pet pitbull at his house. He helped him with some missions on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas like the driving school missions and some of the garage missions and the rest of the Zero missions. The songs he listened to on Chris's Xbox song list were: "Just The Two Of Us" by Eminem, "Papercut" by Linkin Park, "Insane In The Brain" by Cypress Hill. He also played "Express Yourself" By N.W.A on his TV with his Austar equivalent to Foxtel IQ. Then they walked to Mac' donald's where they had lunch, on the way Chris told me that he gets called Mario by some people because he used to have a moustache that he wanted to look like the one on Chopper Reed but instead it looked like Mario's moustache, he had a medium Coke, a Mac' Chicken Burger and a Oreo Mac' Flurry while Chris had a small Coke and a Mac' Flurry and he met some of his friends, then we walked to Revolution CD where he ordered Grand Theft Auto IV for his laptop, then his friend Heather called him and I told her we were at Revolution CD, she met us a few minutes later, then we walked to Big W where we had a look at some toys, then on our way back we talked about the Emo subculture and I told them some stuff about it. Then he met their friend Andrew and Heather left them, then he and Chris walked back to his place to play some more Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Then at 5:04 P.M. they walked to IGA where Yvonne was going to pick him up, at IGA Yvonne had them go in and buy some ice cream and milk for her. Then they left Chris and Yvonne took him to Ash's house to organise his stay over tomorrow, he and Ash talked about a few things like what has happened since they last saw each other and eighties metal bands. then we went back to Yvonne's farm and he went online and talked to Heather and Keira and Ayan and uploaded his photos and put his videos onto his laptop. Then Geoff arrived home and they had mashed potato, chicken, peas, broccoli and carrots for dinner. Then after being online for a while, he went to bed at 10:30 P.M.. The next day he woke up and went online again, he went on Wikipedia then typed more about his visit. Then he had toast with butter with a apple juice drink for breakfast then went back online to type more about his visit. Then they went into town to cancel Grand Theft Auto IV For his laptop and got a game for Yvonne's grandchildren to play. Then at 12:05 P.M. he was dropped off at Ash's place where he stayed until 3:30 P.M. when his dad took him home, at his house we watched Married With Kids and The Simpsons then after lunch he showed him his guitar, drums and keyboard then we watched the movie Rock Star. Then he went home, when he got home Yvonne's daughter and her family were at her house to stay for five days. Then he typed up more on his trip, then he had some hot Milo and a custard tart. Later he watched a game of NRL then he had sausages, mashed potato, and carrots for dinner then he watched another NRL game which was the south Sydney Rabbitohs versus Manly then he and Geoff watched Armageddon on TV then he went to bed. The next day when he woke up he had bacon and eggs for breakfast with hot milo straight away because everyone was awake before him. Then he went online and typed more about his trip. Then he had a corn beef, lettuce and onion sandwich with a can of Pepsi for lunch then went online and typed more about my visit and one of Yvonne's daughter's kids gave him two easter eggs, he later had another one.Then they had stew for dinner with Diet Coke then he had a shower then went back online and Yvonne and he watched a biography of Nicole Kidman on E! Then he went to bed at 11:10 P.M.. The next day he had bacon and eggs for dinner then Yvonne's daughter's husband drove him into town and to Chris's house where he went on his Xbox and completed the missions on Grand theft Auto: San Andreas from the monster truck time trial mission to the fly to the town near San Fierro and back mission and listened to Scribe, The Game, DMX, Korn and Park. Then they went into town to got to IGA where Chris bought a packet of cigarettes then they went to Mac' Donald's where Chris had one Mac' Flurry and he had three and a piece of chocolate cake, he also met two of Chris's friends, Aaron and Alex. Then he met another friend of his who they walked with to the local clinic then to M&M's where he had a look at the Nine Inch Nails CD Year Zero then they went to Sports Power where his friend bought some shoes then to IGA where Chris went to to the toilet and bought a Mother drink, then to Jolly Roger's where the friend bought a hat the to another shop then to Young's BP and to the adjoining Subway where Chris's friend bought his lunch then they went to the friend's house where he saw his friend's two corn snakes and we watched the movie Halloween with a girl. He and Chris then went back to Chris's house before it finished where they watched some Richard Pryor and then Yvonne took him home and he had a shower then put his new photos and videos ontp my computer and watched [[Jaws (movie)|Jaws) while typing about his day. Then he had a self-made hamburger just like everyone else with egg and a beef patty and a muffin. Then he watched The Three Amigos then uploaded his photos then watched Shrek The Third with Yvonne's granddaughter, then the Internet cut out so after Shrek The Third so he listened to the music on his computer and watched some videos on it before going to bed. The next day he went online because the Internet was back. Then he made eggs and bacon for breakfast then went back online. Then he went into town with a few others to get Yvonne's car fixed and he bought a pair of jeans and Yvonne's granddaughter bought two children's books at Big W then Yvonne and he had lunch at Mac' Donald's where he had two Mac' Flurries, a Coke and a Mac' Chicken burger. Then they went to a shop to look at things and Yvonne's granddaughter bought three butterfly decorations. Then they bought some ice cream, milk and bread then went back home where he went online, had a can of Pepsi and talked to Heather online. Then he helped Yvonne give food and water to their animals then watched The Last Flight Of Noah's Ark in the lounge room then had chicken, carrot, peas, corn and rice with Pepsi for dinner then had ice cream for desert then watched the rest of the movie then watched Foyle's War while eating a few easter eggs then went to bed. The next day he woke up, had some coffee and went online then had three pieces of toast, two with butter and one with peanut butter and another coffee then went back online then watched CNN then BBC followed by 911: The Bronx then had three toasted sandwiches, two with chicken mourne and one with turkey then watched CNN and they had some visitors over. Then had two easter eggs and took in Yvonne's clothing and checked their animals' water then had a banana watched some BBC then went online. Then watched the news on channel 9 and had steak, peas, broccoli and home made potato chips for dinner and vanilla and toffee crunch ice cream for desert then he watched What's Good For You and RSPCA on TV and went online and on TV watched some of the South Park episode Guitar Queer-o, BBC The Other America and some BBC news then went to bed. The next day he got a picture from his dad of my new half-brother who was just born half an hour earlier. Then he had chocolate sandwiches with coffee and opened the gates for a truck they were expecting to come through then he went online, had a can of Coke and went on Celestia. Then he went into town to stay at Chris's house and we went to the house he was in last time he came to get his brother's clothes there and he went to Mac' Donalds and bought two mac' Flurries, a Coke and a Mac' Chicken burger then they went to his place where he completed the Grand Theft Auto: San andreas mission where you had to go into the San Andreas version of Area 51 and steal the jetpack, then he listenend to Linkin Park while looking after Chris's dog while he was out to meet his brother at the train station, then when his brother came home he put on G-Unit then he left to meet Yvonne at Audi's then he had a Mac' Chicken burger for dinner then he went online and had a can of Coke then he had ice cream with Nerds and Yvonne went to bed then after a few hours he went to bed. The next day he had three chocolate sandwiches for breakfast with coffee then went online then he vacuumed the kitchen and hallway and brought two chairs into the other building, put cans of Coke and Coke Zero into a fridge and had a can of Pepsi Max and a chocolate cookie then had chocolate sandwiches for lunch then went back online then had another can of Coke then had some chocolate milk then had peas, mashed potato, corn beef and carrot for dinner and Ice cream for desert then the next day he had three pieces of bread with chocolate for breakfast then went on Celestia then went to an ANZAC day ceremony in Murringo then went on Celestia back at home and had toasted sandwiches with corn beef for lunch then Yvonne and he went into town to pick up Chris and take a wardrobe to the farm from a friend of Yvonne's named Diane, they had raspberry cordial and some crackers at her house. The friend's daughter Katherine helped aswell as a neighbour named David, Katherine helped them put it into the other building where Ken Used to live. Then Chris and he had a can of Coke each and decided pizza over hamburgers for dinner then watched the movie Conspiracy Theory on TV with Yvonne and Geoff then had the pizza for dinner then had ice cream with toppings then watched [[Gladiator (movie)| on DVD and made an Infinity: The Quest for Earth account then we went to bed. The next day he had three chocolate sandwiches for breakfast with coffee then had bacon and eggs with apple juice then went online and wished happy birthday to a friend who would [[death|die] later that year, then had a can of Coke Zero and suggested some things to Infinity: The Quest For Earth then went to help dig a ditch for electrical cables for the new building where he started on the other half for them. Then we had corn beef, mashed potato with carrot and spinach for lunch and a Yogo after then he had another Coke Zero then they went to do more on the trench until 5:05 P.M. then he had another Coke Zero then he went online then we had hamburgers for dinner, he had onion with my beef patty on my burger. Then they had ice cream and Geoff and Chris started being funny then they watched Our Family on UKTV then we watched Secondhand Lions on DVD then went to bed. The next day he had three chocolate sandwiches for breakfast with coffee then went online, then Geoff left, then Yvonne left then he and Chris went to finish the ditch. The man for the wires came and they did a lot on it before coming in to have lunch. he had a turkey and barbecue sauce sandwich then he went online and saw the reply for the birthday wish for his friend who would die later that year, then they went back to finish the trench at 1:00 P.M. then they came back in at 4:30 P.M. and had a drink then finished up and brought some wood in and he went online and showed Chris my Facebook friends and put more photos on his Facebook then showed Chris some of my photos then they had a egg, ham, pea and sausage stir fry for dinner and he had another coke and we had Yogos for dinner then he went online again and typed more on his visit and went on Celestia and Chris joined him. Then Chris watched some TV in the other room then he went to bed but came out later after Yvonne went to bed to watch some TV because he couldn't sleep. they both went to bed at the same time. The next day he went online then had three chocolate sandwiches for breakfast with coffee then when Chris woke up he went out to work on the ditch and he came out and he had two Coke Zeros then we came in at 1:20 P.M. and had a pie and a turkey sandwich with chocolate milk for lunch then went back to digging the ditch then they helped move some sheep into another paddock then moved two horses into a small area then got some maggots off of a sheep then he went online and had a can of Coke Zero then they had potato, beef and peas for dinner then he went online then they had ice cream then he went to bed at 11:00 P.M.. The next day he woke up and went online then had toast with Vegemite for breakfast then went to help dig the ditch but one of hid gloves were missing. Then he had a shower then they went into town to stay at Chris's house while Yvonne was doing things. he completed the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas missions from Dam And Blast to High Noon, they had Mac' Donald's for lunch and he had three Mac' Flurries, a piece of chocolate cake, a Coke Zero and a Mac' Chicken burger then went to Big W and Chris bought The Dark Knight on DVD and they watched it at his place, they went through a path they used to go through in 2004 on their way back. After the movie he did the missions up to High Noon on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and listened to Linkin Park on his Xbox and Chris had "It Was A Good Day" by Ice Cube on the other TV. Yvonne picked us up at 6:30 P.M. and we had Mac' Donald's for dinner, I had a Mac' Chicken burger and a Mac' Flurry, the Mac' Chicken burger took five minutes then he went online when they arrived home then we all went to bed, the next day he packed his things and went online then they left at 10:40 A.M. and dropped off Yvonne's dog Fly at Yvonne's friend's house then they visited Ken while in Harden and Yvonne took a photo of him and Chris and he took a photo of Yvonne and him, then my train arrived at 12:15 P.M.. After his ticket was checked he bought a can of Fanta and two Kit Kats then some Wonka Fruit Pastilles then two egg and parsley with mayonnaise with a Moove iced coffee then a bottle of apple juice. The train arrived at Southern Cross Station at 6:47 P.M. and his dad picked him up and took him home, saw his half-brother in person and had pasta for dinner.

2005 Baseroom Camp to Torquay The camp started when he got his camp stuff onto the bus to school, then arrived at school with everyone else, then put his stuff onto the bus and went to one of his school friends' house to let him and his other friends have some time with them at his house, while he and the rest were at his other friends house having some morning tea. after the morning tea they regrouped and headed off to Torquay. they had potato chips for lunch in Geelong, he didn't finish off his potato chips, then they arrived at the campsite in Torquay and put their camp stuff away, then they went for a walk, he was nearly left behind but he caught up, they walked around the beach then went to the local shops to buy their daily snack, then they went back to the campsite to watch some TV, later he went for another walk with a teacher and one of his friends, then they had lasagne for dinner and went to bed, the next day after breakfastthey went to Geelong to visit the Ford Discovery center, then they went back to have a barbecue for lunch, then they watched TV for a while then him and some of his friends had some time in the sea at the beach, they had pasta for dinner, the next day after breakfast and half of the group going home, they went to Geelong to see the movie King Kong, in Geelong they met folk musician Jeff Lang, then they had chips for lunch and saw the movie King Kong, he bought a coke and a Twix bar from a shop before the movie, after the movie we went back to the campsite then had La Porchetta pizza for dinner in Geelong. then next day after breakfast they had a contest on the cleanest room, one of his friends rooms won and one of his friends was burned in the shower. They had Mac'Donald's for lunch in Geelong on the way home. This camp was good to him.

2005 Baseroom camp to Bendigo From 15 June to 17 June, his school the Baseroom went on school camp to Bendigo to go into the [ Central Deborah gold mine] and on the "talking tram", they left for camp at 9:30 A.M. with some of them going on the Baseroom's mini-bus and others on a public bus, on this camp he only brought his old Nokia phone which was his phone at the time and he left it's charger at home, they reunited at a train station for lunch and all got on the Baseroom mini-bus, while waiting a few of his friends were singing Two Tickets to Paradise by Eddie Money, they then arrived at camp at lodges with a pool which they didn't swim in at Bendigo, unpacked into the lodges,the camp site was very similar to the one in Ballarat they stayed at a year later, they then went on the talking tram which was driven by Alice Williams, looked at some trams and then went to the Deborah gold mine which Boris, he and two of the five teachers Chris and Fran didn't go in, instead they had coffee and a snack while the rest went in, we then went to buy snacks with money we brought on camp, he bought a Cadbury chocolate bar and a coke, we then went back to our lodges and watched TV until we went to have dinner at La porchetta, he shared a large mixed pizza with Chris B. and Ricky, they then went back to our lodges and watched some more TV including the Mythbusters episode about if you could survive a elevator hitting the ground after falling by jumping at the last second before impact, they then went to bed, the next day they woke up and had breakfast then went out on the bus to the [[ science centre] in Bendigo to have a look, at there a man told them about a few events that could be seen in the night sky inside this sort of room with a night sky stars ceiling, they then had a play wih the science things at the science centre, this day was the day that half the campers went back, he was with the half that stayed on camp which was Ricky, Rick, Chris B and him, the break up happened after they visited the science exhibition place, after the break up the remaining half went back to the lodge for a little while then went to see the movie Madagascar (movie), after seeing the movie they went and had a look at a CD place, then in the afternoon they had to do a lap of a park while the remaining teachers Chris G and Fran had coffee, after they did it Ricky went and got the keys of Chris G and in the bus we heard a seven second piece of the Queens of The Stone Age song In my head]] before Chris B. and Ricky changed the frequency to another station, they then went back to their lodges and that night they had potato chips for dinner, he went with their teacher Chris G. to help bring the potato chips home, on the TV that night there was news about hostages in Cambodia and that a Canadian girl hostage had been killed, then the next day it was time to go back to school and home it was also Ricky's birthday and that morning he played one of his favourite songs at the time which was Bad by Michael Jackson, he told them that that night he slept in the mini-bus because he couldn't get to sleep because of Chris B.'s loud snoring, I was in the same room and slept until morning, they then went home and on the way back they had Mac'Donalds for lunch.

His month in foster care he was in foster care from 10:00 P.M. June the first 2004 to 3:45 P.M. July the first 2004, he was taken by car from his mother and her boyfriend's now old house to his foster parents house by Rose and another lady from the D.O.C.S child services of Young, he arrived at his foster family's house at 10:00 P.M. and met his foster mother Yvonne and she gave him a small meal then helped him to bed, he had the day off school the next day (June 2nd 2004), that morning he met his foster sister Jess and Dennis at breakfast, he helped out on the farm that day, the next day he went to school and back on a bus that passes through the area to send the local students to and from their schools in young, he was dropped off at it's first school stop so that one of his teachers could pick him up and take him to school, when he first got to school he was allowed to talk with his good friend Chris about what was happening, he then did school like normal and enjoyed it because the student who would hurt people only came on Tuesdays that month because he was leaving, he practised for the Christmas in July concert which was going to be on the day he left, he was the reindeer called Comet, most of the students were reindeer, some were elves and Micah was Santa for the second time in a row, at one time when he was about to be dropped off to catch the bus back to my foster home my teacher spotted his mother and her boyfriend's car heading for his brother's school, so they went to the police station for a bit then went to pick him up and take him home, at the police station he saw a thing reading that all firearms must be brought into the police station to be taken by June 30th, on the night of Sunday June ninth they had a bonfire at one of Yvonne's friends' house, the movies of my foster family that he watched by myself were The Sum of All Fears-which he also watched in Hungarian language with Hungarian subtitles, the [[Jaws (series}|Jaws]] series-which he watched once with Turkish language subtitles, and Reign of Fire which he once watched the first ten minutes of it in Dutch language subtitles, he also got to talk to his good friend Ashley just south of the gaming section in the local Woolworths when he was shopping there with his foster mother, they didn't have their trampoline back then but they had two dogs that were killed for killing their chickens between the time he left foster care and the time he visited them in 2006, he thought his time in foster care was ok but my visit to my foster parents was more better. His brother and I didn't get their belongings from his mother though the court said they would give them.

2002 Bellhaven camp to Borambola From August 26th 2002 to August 30th 2002 he went on camp to [ Borambola Sports and Recreation Centre] east of Wagga Wagga, the Friday before camp his favourite and only dog at the time named Sasha "Bimbo" Stafford was put to sleep. He prepared for camp over the month before he went on camp, on Monday August the 26th, day one of camp, he got my things loaded into his mom's car and bought some snacks for Recess at a shop acroos the road from Young hospital then headed to school to get ready to with the students that were camping and get on the bus and head for Borambola, when they were brushing their teeth in the bathroom at school, Ash his good friend was singing "Nelson, Nelson Simpson is the greatest guy in history" (the real song "Homer,Homer Simpson is the greatest guy in history, and he is about to hit a Maple tree"). they then got onto the bus and headed for Cootamundra to pick up Courtenay Smith at the Cootamundra railway station where they had their Recess. they then headed off to Junee for Mac'Donalds for lunch, he had a Mac'chicken burger,a medium Coke and a Oreo Mac'Flurry, they then headed off to Borambola, they arrived in the afternoon, they stayed in two conjoined cabins, his bed was on the top bunk at the far corner on the head side of the bunk where a former student that would sometimes hit people was to sleep on the bottom bunk, the girls except two teachers because all of the teachers were female were in the cabin to the right of him, that afternoon they went Canoeing on the creek that runs through Borambola and is used for canoeing, when he was going to get out of his Canoe it capsized forwards onto him and he got a bit wet but washed off in the shower soon after. they then had dinner at the canteen place at Borambola then brushed their teeth, they then had cooked Marshmallows at a camp fire then went to bed and sleep, the next morning they woke up and had their showers, his shower was after the one of my good friend Ash. they then went to have breakfast, they then did BMXing at the dirt track at Borambola, Recess, Lunch then they had mini Golf at Borambola's mini golf course followed by dinner, teeth brushing and sleeping, the next day they did the usual morning routine, Recess then they had a Barbeque for lunch a 250 or so metre walk west of the campsite, they then went back, then went to Wagga wagga to see the movie Mister Deeds, it was a good, funny movie, they then returned and later had dinner where he had to sit next to the person who would attack if he was aggravated, he didn't attack. they then brushed their teeth and went to bed, then the next day after doing the routine things they went Bowling in Wagga Wagga, had lunch and did Archery back at Borambola, had dinner then went to bed, on the day they were going to leave, they did like the other days and packed ourselves up, when they were taking photos the person who attacks people hit him, he was a bit upset, it was coincidently quite similar in a way to a incident on camp with my previous school where a student ran up to him and punched him up because he got to go on a bus to the ferry while he had to walk when they were heading back from camp. The bus then arrived and they headed home, they had to miss lunch because a former student who went on camp with us was sick and had to get home and the bus broke down and they had to switch buses, they dropped Courtney off at Cootamundra where they saw her Jack Russel who he forgot it's name, they then arrived back at school and when all the other students except for him and the person who hit him were on their way home he caught him trying to steal chips from the school kitchen cupboard-It was revenge in a way and he was the last to go home after him. he then went home and with the short time he had before we went to Sydney to see friends he replicated in a way the camp on Grand Theft Auto 3 on the PS2, they then headed off to Sydney.