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Nuvola apps file-manager.png UPDATE: I'm thinking of coming back to Wikipedia after a long break. Thanks to all who thought about me. (^'-')^ Covington 02:40, 7 July 2007 (UTC)

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My name is Covington. I am from Northeastern US. I am English-, Chinese-, and Malaysian-American. My personal motto is non videri sed esse (not seeming but being) and my familial motto is non sufficit orbis (the world is not enough). I hold these words to the bottom of my heart.

I am a moderate Wikipedia user, and I am on Wikipedia almost every day. I love to participate in the inner workings of Wikipedia, such as Wikiprojects and Request for Adminship. I believe that civility and cooperation are the keys to a successful Wikipedia and I do my part to promote these two values. I am completely responsible for my own actions, so feel free send your concerns to me at my talk page.

If I'm not on Wikipedia, I'm either working, in class, on the so-called court (a.k.a. driveway with a hoop at the end) or playing Oblivion. I am currently writing a couple of screenplays and trying to start a business.

Among my best friends I am rumored to be of the likes of James Bond, or Aragorn, or even Martin Septim. Sadly, I am neither.

See you around. Covington (talk · contribs · count)

Thanks to Sceptre for helping me design my userpage.



It is currently 16:30, Wednesday, February 22, 2017 (UTC) update

I feel forgotten. I took time off to heal my wrists, and when I come back, I feel like I am forgotten. I posted a message that I would be back, but still, I feel as people thought I disappeared off this planet. Very few people left notes on my talk page. Thank you all who thought about me during my break; I really appreciated it. (^'-')^ Covington 01:46, 31 August 2006 (UTC)


Major Contributions:

Major Nominations:

  • Storm (chosen May 7-14)

Active Memberships:


Article Namespace Maintenance:

Feedback Needed:



To-do list for User:Covington:

edit - history - watch - purge

High Priority

  • Concordia counsillor duties
  • AID maintenance duties
  • review candidates on Editor Review
  • "get well soon" userbox
  • archive

Medium Priority

  • participate in the AfD
  • work on Wikiproject Ancient Greece and Rome page
  • list of people whose userpage layout is inspired by mine
  • Wikiproject Asian American History
  • new userboxes
  • template page

Low Priority

  • redo userbox page/rearrange userpage
  • work on other Wiki accounts (i.e. Wikitionary)

Covington's Goal: 500 Mainspace Edits by December 1st, 2006: 44% done

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