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Coyoty is an online name of Dave Wright, who is not the baseball player or ABC news correspondant or British politician or guitar player or other more famous David Wrights (yet). His Wikipedia name used to be Gentaur, but he's trying to consolidate his Crisis of Infinite Identities.

The "y" at the end of his name is deliberate. The name is an adjective to describe his personality.

Bestiaria is Coyoty's furry/anthropomorphic/mythological/improbable beastie resource website. It's maintained with the help of Wulfraed.

Coyoty collects comics, reads and watches a lot of science fiction and fantasy, and hangs out with furries. He is Coyoty on FurryMuck and LiveJournal. His furry persona is a coyote, of course. He writes quite a bit online but never gets around to publishing anything professionally.

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