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Who I am[edit]

The Aston Webb building, UoB

My name is Sam, and I'm British.

After completing a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Software Engineering (First Class, Hons.) at the University of Birmingham, I am now employed in Information Technology in the retail industry. My base of work is Central London. I currently reside in Luton, Bedfordshire.

On Wikipedia[edit]


My Wikipedia time is spent removing vandalism, which I am able to do thanks to the help of several users. I initially thought it would be a reward-less task, but several members of Wikipedia have already thanked me for helping out. It is enough for me, though, to know that the articles I edit will be vandalism-free for the next user. The constant input of other users helps me become more effective at this each day.

I personally have found it quite frustrating to find an article has been altered when I am researching a topic, and if I save one person that same frustration then I will be more than content.


See my edit statistics for information on what I've been up to.

Feel free to leave comments and questions on my talk page.