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Wikiwords are "words" that I (Crash Underride) use in edit summaries, some of which may be diffiult for other editors to know what I mean. So this list is to help others know what I am saying. They are listed in the same typeset that I normally use, most are all lowercase since I am usually tire after working hard on an article and I just don't feel like capitalizing properly in an edit summary. This list should in some instances be used along side my glossary.

Term - Meaning (Only for)


  • ??? - I asked a queston on someones talk page, or an articles talk page.


  • added cat - I've added a category to the article.
  • added temp - I've added a template to the article.
  • alph - I've alphabetized a listed that should have been. (Mostly my userpages)
  • assessed - I've given the associated article a rating for one or more WikiProjects.
  • assessed and nested - Combination of assessed and nested.


  • better - I've fixed somethin' and it should look or sound better than it did before.


  • clean-up - There was information in the article that didn't need to be there, or it was improperly included and I made it look and read better.


  • diff chick - I've removed a wikilink from an article because it was referrin' to someone other than the person that the linked article talks about.
  • diff guy - See above.


  • fix - I've fixed somethin', nothin' major.
  • format - I at least attempted to properly format the page as best as I could with what I had.


  • grammar - I attempted to fix grammatical mistakes in the article.



  • MAJOR clean-up - I've had to practically overhaul the entire article to make it comply with Wikipedia:Guidelines.


  • needs more - The article needs more information to make it better and worth havin'.
  • nested - I've added the nested option to WikiProject banners to make them smaller to take up less room.
  • new infobox - I've changed the infobox to the proper/more/most appropriate one.
  • new look - I've changed the look of somethin', usually NOT the whole page, just part.
  • nm - I did somethin', but not much. (only for minor edits)
  • nom - I nomiated somethin'.


  • oops - I realized that I made a mistake in my last edit and I corrected said mistake.


  • re - I've replied to something. (Talk pages only)
  • ref(s) - I've added references to the article to make at least part of it verifiable.
  • resize - I've resized an image on the page, usually not drastically.
  • rmv - I've removed something from the article that didn't need to be there.
  • rmv PoV - I've removed biased and point of view from the article to improve the neutrality of it.
  • rvt - I've reverted an edit, usually an unproven statement or vandalism.


  • sectioned or sectioning - I've split the article up into appropriate sections as the article had enough information, but was in only one large run on section.
  • spacing - I've fixed spacin' so that it will not take up more space than is needed.
  • spelling - I corrected spellin' errors in the article.
  • ss - I only did some small stuff. (NOT a reference to Hitler's SS.)
  • still tinkerin' around - My colorful way of sayin' I'm still workin' on the article, template, etc.
  • swanktified - I made it look nice, or nicer.
  • swanky - It looks good.


  • Trimmed the fat - Removed week-by-week stats or results. (Usually for football articles)


  • updated - Self explanatory.


  • wikilink - I've linked, or unlinked inner article wikilinks that needed it.
  • Working on it - I am currently workin' on the page to complete it, fix it, or creatin' it in it's entirety.
  • WRONG chick - See diff chick. (Used when I get frustrated)
  • WRONG guy - See diff guy. (Used when I get frustrated)