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Nikolay Golutvin a.k.a Furious, Crazy Astronaut, Delirious Noon, NVG is well known and respected psytrance producer from Russia. In his early days Nikolay started with DJ-ing and producing dark psytrance as Furious which is by far his most fruitful project. Furious made Kolya (nickname) who he is in underground music of psytrance, a true pioneer of sound production. He had produced many tracks over the years also has few albums but best by far is Supremacy (as Furious). in 2009. is released ''Renegade'' and Crazy Astronaut project slowly replaces his ''Furious'' project. This album shows different side of Nikolay's music, one that we could hear only when he released tracks as Delirious Noon (full on). Renegade album is something different from what we could hear from Nikolay, production wise or sound wise, new style in psytrance was on the way called: hi-tech. As one of pioneers with Highko and Cosmo, Nikolay developed this style which is more and more popular in underground scene of psytrance. Later tracks paint more softer picture about Kolays music, he tuned down regarding his production style, his music doesn't have that flair and aggression, he got more mature and his music is now more appealing to wider auditorium of listeners. As much of his respected followers still cherish Furious project many of them are accepted his new music and moved on. Its important to mention his NVG project (derived from his initials) which is even more slower, electronic expression of Kolay's music.

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