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April 23 event[edit]

EF# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
EF? N of Catesby Ellis 2259 Brief tornado touchdown.
EF? S of Buffalo Harper 2304 Tornadoes reported by multiple sources.
EF? NW of Westbrook Mitchell 0020 Tornado reported by a spotter.
EF? Colorado City Mitchell 0040 Tornado reported with debris along Interstate 20.
EF? W of Loraine Mitchell 0052 Reported by spotters near town.
EF? N of Champion Mitchell, Nolan 0104 Brief tornado reported at the county line just off I-20.
EF? S of Del Rio Val Verde 0106 Tornado may have started in Coahuila, Mexico.
EF? Del Rio Val Verde 0134 Tornado reported near downtown Del Rio. Also may have crossed from Mexico.
EF? NE of Roscoe Nolan 0200 Tornado on the ground after being illuminated by lightning.
EF? N of Trent Taylor 0220 Tornado reported by KTXS.
EF? W of Hodges Jones 0241 Unconfirmed tornado.
EF? S of Sitka Clark 0043
EF? Sharon Springs area Wallace 0050 Slow-moving tornado reported by multiple sources.
EF? E of Ashland Clark 0110
EF? Protection area Comanche 0120 Reported by the KWCH storm team.
EF? SE of Brewster Thomas 0250 Damage reported to several grain bins and large trees.
EF? NE of Goodland Sherman 0304 Tornado spotted from the NWS Goodland office.
EF? E of Levant Thomas 0336 Transformers reported to have been flashing.
EF? SE of Atwood Rawlins 0443 Damage reported to a residence and farm buildings. Power lines down.
EF? NE of Haigler (1st tornado) Dundy 0435 Tornado reported by local police.
EF? NE of Haigler (2nd tornado) Dundy 0457 Second tornado related to above tornado.
EF? E of Wauneta Yuma 0449
EF? S of Holyoke Yuma, Phillips 0500 One mobile home lost its roof with people inside. No one was injured.
Sources: SPC Storm Reports 04/23/07

April 24 event[edit]

EF# Location County Time (UTC) Path length Damage
EF? W of Wild Horse Cheyenne 1816
EF? Wild Horse Cheyenne 1840 Damage and debris reported in town.
EF? NW of Wild Horse Lincoln 1845 Located near US 287 and Highway 94.
EF? SE of Boyero Lincoln 1846 Possibly up to five tornadoes.
EF? NW of Cheyenne Wells (1st tornado) Cheyenne 1935
EF? N of Arapahoe (1st tornado) Cheyenne 1935
EF? S of Burlington Kit Carson 1949 Brief touchdown along U.S. Route 385.
EF? NW of Cheyenne Wells (2nd tornado) Cheyenne 1959
EF? N of Arapahoe (2nd tornado) Cheyenne 1935 Cone-shaped tornado reported on the ground.
EF? Godley Johnson 1916 Tornado reported on the ground.
EF? Eagle Pass area Maverick 0001 7 deaths - See section on this tornado
EF? NW of Snook Burleson 0715 Unconfirmed tornado with a path of damage.
EF? N of Weskan Wallace 1949
EF? NW of Pawhuska Osage 2025 Tornado reported on the ground by KOTV coverage.
Sources: SPC Storm Reports 04/24/07