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My involvement with Wikipedia was at first mainly reading and making the occasional anonymous edit to correct a spelling or grammar error. I registered my account sometime around May 2005 and made sparse edits until March 2006 when I started editing a lot more. In fact my first edit that month was the creation of the EncFS article, which remains substantially unchanged.

I quickly moved into RC and newpage patrol, acquiring permission to use VandalProof. After using this for a few days (which required me to reboot into Windows) I thought it might be a cool idea to write a similar tool for the Linux desktop. Christened VandalSniper, the project was quickly developed into a simple, straightforward counter-vandalism tool.

On 2006-07-30, I nominated myself for adminship. The RfA passed on 2006-08-06, and while I have taken several short wikibreaks, I've been active ever since.

While I'm not a fantastic editor by any stretch, I love contributing little tools and gizmos that make life easier for other editors. Both VandalSniper and WatchlistBot are good examples. RC patrol is also a fun past-time, and I enjoy hunting for vandalism and helping out Wikipedia at the same time. In short, I'm a very behind-the-scenes type of guy, and like to stay out of the spotlight so I can focus on what needs to be done.