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This is the userpage created by and about crazytonyi. As stated above, this page is not meant to be read as an informative article on wikipedia, but has been created for the main purpose of centralizing the activities of a wikipedia user.

The intention of this page is to:

  • introduce myself to other users, primarily those who have arrived at this page from pages I've edited or from discussions I've joined,
  • give my background and interests,
  • share my views about wikipedia as a concept and as it currently exists, and
  • centralize my activities on wikipedia, including edits I've made, articles I've created, and discussions I'm involved in.


Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my user page.

If you got here because I've annoyed you and you wanted to track me down, congratulations! I am generally open to criticism and am not afraid to change my mind or admit I'm wrong. I'm also not shy about arguing why I'm right. If you would like to debate, argue, vent, or in any other way disagree with me, please feel welcome to do so. You can respond directly to my edit or post, IM me on AIM @ crazytonyisez, or if you really feel inclined, e-mail me at

If you are here because you liked something I've done on wikipedia, wanted more information or clarification on a topic I edited, or for any other sort of positive feedback, then thank you! You are also encouraged to IM or e-mail me. Again, my AIM screenname is crazytonyisez (which should be read "crazytony I sez" not "crazytony is EZ", even though the latter has been true.)

If you are here for some other reason I didn't think about, and you want to contact me, please do. I'd love to know why anyone else would come to this page.

If you are someone looking for contact information for the purposes of sending SPAM, please don't. I will take any legal methods I can to stop someone from doing this.

Finally, if you are interested in working with me, either on or off wikipedia, or want to commission me for a project, please e-mail me with details. I'm very interested in working with other users who share my interests to create new articles and improve those that need it.

My Interests[edit]

My interests are many and I will try to limit them to what I am most interested in as a wikipedia editor.

  • Music
  • Film (Anything I've seen and liked)
  • The Internet and the technology and culture related to it
  • History (the little I can contribute to, mostly music history)
  • Biographies
  • Good grammar, style, and spelling
  • Anything else that I may have some knowledge of but not enough to claim a specialty

My Wikipedia Contributions[edit]

The list of all my edits and inputs on discussions can be seen at my contribution page

To Do List[edit]

  • work on page dedicated to breaks (hip-hop samples)

The Importance of Wikipedia[edit]

I feel very strongly that wikipedia is one of the best innovations of the internet. It is a smart and simple idea and it provides more than just the limited and fleeting services other pages offer. Better search engines will come along, new social sites will emerge and replace current sites like myspace and friendster, and blogs will always find new URLs, servers, and editors. Like most things in life, the internet changes with market trends and fads, and most of what it offers is geared towards instant gratification. Wikipedia, on the other hand, offers something most sites don't: access to information on any topic, at great depth, with almost everything cross-referenced for curiosity and clarity. It offers the ability not only to learn about a topic, but to explore ideas and find places on the internet to execute those ideas. Even after becomes vacant of users, someone can go to wikipedia to find the article 'List of social networking websites' to find the newest sites to replace their need.

Many people scoff and even distrust Wikipedia, citing poor style, bad information such as dates, and vulnerability from its open source nature. I say that it is the 'because' wikipedia is easy and quick to update that makes it so powerful. While some people may add bad information to an article, sometimes with good intentions other times maliciously, any user can fix those mistakes just as easily. We no longer have to tolerate using search engines to scroll through hundreds of limited, poorly designed, sometimes offensive sites to find the information we need. We can now search on wikipedia and, should we find errors, fix them instantly. While this mission will take time and is dependant on frequent quality control checks, this system works because it has millions of editors on hand for the job, not just a small staff. Finally, to those that roll their eyes and claim that wikipedia shouldn't be used as a primary source, my response is that this is an obvious fact which denounces wikipedia for not having a quality it never was intended to have. Would any self respecting scholar use Britannica as a primary source? Or someone's blog? Or even an intro textbook? If you need to write a term paper, give a formal lecture, or impress anyone who demands citation, you should use academic or scientific journals, official articles or biographies, and any other source that can back up its facts with proof. If you want to be more informed, have a basic question, or just want to know what your friends are talking about without having to ask, wikipedia is a great source and should be encouraged rather than extinguished.

About Me[edit]

Brief Biography[edit]

Where I'm "from"[edit]

My name is Anthony Watson. I was born in Omaha, NE on March 14, 1979. My mother and I moved to New Orleans, LA when I was very young, somewhere between the age of two and four. My parents happened to move to Omaha after they were married and my mother moved with me to New Orleans to find a job. I do not have any family history in either city, so this makes me hesitate when I'm asked "Where are you from?" as the answer to this question usually signifies not only where the person was born or grew up, but also their family's heritage. My family genealogy is confusing in some areas, and mysterious in others. The best answer I can give for my ethnic background is that I'm white and that my family is Southern. The place I consider myself most "from" is New Orleans.

New Orleans, 3-18[edit]

I lived in New Orleans from an early age until I graduated from high school. I learned to read before starting school, probably when I was four. I have one younger brother, who was born when I was almost 8 years old. From an early age I've loved reading, music, comedy, and the opposite sex. I went to elementary school at Mcdonogh 15[1]. I went to Beauregard Middle School (since renamed Thurgood Marshall Middle School). For high school, I attended Ben Franklin High School. It was during middle school that I began to listen to rap music, something I am still passionate about. I graduated from high school in 1997 and the following fall entered The University of Texas at Austin.

Austin, 18 to present[edit]

Through a series of challenges, I dropped out of UT after three semesters, spent the next five years working in Austin at a variety of odd jobs, made income between jobs as a lab rat. In the fall of 2003 I returned to UT, and I plan to graduate in August of 2007. I am currently in a sketch comedy troupe called The Day Job

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