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You May Edit This Page

I mean, go ahead, my page itself is rather minimalist, and I think it looks REAL ugly, (between you and me I had to go around other users and their userpages to make mine look like anything RELATIVELY presentable). Vandalise at your own risk, but if you feel like you can make it better, then I say by all means give it your best shot, after all, THIS-IS-WIKIPEDIA! - (Shamelessly stolen from 300)

Short Biography On My-Self

Started here in 2007, mainly out of boredom, never realized a wiki could be as much fun as this, decided to continue, and the story ends there.

Areas of Expertise


Ok.. Seriously...

  • All Star Wars Topics - From a new Hope to the EU
  • Anything to do with the Xbox 360 from games to releases to hardware specs.

Areas Of Interest

Ok... normally mine life also revolves around these interests (Other Than The One Listed Above).

Articles I'm working on

Halo 3

-- ON HIATUS! --