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Hi. The name's Crimsonraptor.

Note: I am busy. In addition to this I am also a billion wiks from Wikia, not including hectic daily life. As a result I may disappear for days on end. If you need urgent contact, go to my wiki, and leave a message on my talk page (I'm Styracosaurus Rider).

About me[edit]

Not much to say about me, but if you really insist...

My main focus is paleontology and herpetoculture. I've got an extensive fossil collection and keep and breed a variety of reptiles and amphibians. I use the expertise and a bit of sleuthing to contribute to articles that need the help.

More about me here.

Pages to make?[edit]

To-do List[edit]

This is stuff I want to accomplish in the future.

  • Work on all articles relating to herpetoculture.
  • Expand and create any Gonocephalus/related agamids, especially Gonocephalus chamaeleontinus.
  • Create and revamp Nephrurus articles.
  • Improve all NJ fossil articles.
  • Our coverage of paleoartists is disappointingly low. Need to start the task of making all those red links into shiny blue ones.
  • Get AMNH photos!!!
  • Put in a sourced paragraph about T-rex tails and speed
  • Update Ammonite article to include diet study
  • Need more refs for Parrisia---try
  • General improvement of rostral bone
  • A new BBC news item shows that we can tell what mud conditions were present depending on the size of the animal that left the tracks---good for the Glen Rose Formation article?


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